White Wave Bamboo Longboard Review | Buying Guide For 2020

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This White Wave Bamboo drop through longboard is an amazing longboard that gives effortless riding experience along the boardwalk and stable riding experience downhill. Being longer than other longboards of its category it has better stability.

This board is made of bamboo, and hence it is perfect for absorbing rocks, bumps, and cracks encounters. It is best for those who love adventure sporting. While riding this longboard one can experience an enjoyable and stable ride.

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best skateboard for kids




It’s the features of this White Wave Bamboo longboard that makes it more attractive. They are

  • It is 41 inches in length and 9.26 inches in width.
  • The deck is made with with combination of Canadian maple and Bamboo.
  • Having a bamboo deck it is easy to jump onto the board and also the flexibility increases.
  • It has Abec 9 bearings.
  • This board comes with 7-inch aluminium drop through trucks that are wide making it easier to race downhill. It always goes straight line.
  • Equipped 70 mm x 50mm high rebound urethane wheels.
  • Because of its length it is easy to control the longboard.
  • There is clear grip tape.
best skateboard for kids


There are many features that make White Wave Bamboo longboard more attractive. Like the board has 7 inches aluminium trucks that provides better flexibility and stability. One can easily carve with it. One does not have to worry about the speed wobbles while they cruise downhill.

The drop through board is best for all types of riders. Those who will perform at low center of gravity can enjoy this longboard more. The deck has a solid design and hence it is best for beginners as well as experienced riders. This long lasting board stops wheel rub.

The grip of the board is quite good that gives a confidence ride to the rider even while perform any tricks. Even while riding through dangerous situation this longboard is very useful.

As the deck is bamboo deck it absorbs most of the shocks and bumps that comes along the way while riding or cruising. The deck has enough flex that provides good suspension feelings. Along with that it is quite rigid to support the weight of an adult.

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  • Perfect For Downhill Riders.
  • The graphic design of this compact longboard is quite beautiful and attractive.
  • It is cost effective and durable too.
  • Trucks are broader making it easy to carve.
  • Riders gets proper safety for its unique features
  • There are least chances that the screws will get loose.


  • On even ground one cannot take sharp turns
  • Although wheels and bearings are good enough they are not the best.


For those who like speedy and adventurers ride on longboards look no further go for this White wave bamboo longboard. It has enough flexibility and stability that makes it a choice for both beginners and experienced riders. It is also desirable during speedy rides.