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Best Santa Cruz Longboards To Buy In 2017

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Have you heard of Santa cruz longboards?  The company that produces this longboards and skateboards has been around for more than four decades.  Santa Santa cruz longboards and skateboards have been in the market since 1973.

Since they started production, Santa Cruz boards have become a market leader as they are always constructed incorporating excellent design and innovation.  Santa cruz longboards and skateboards are versatile and easy to ride.  NHS the company that produces the Santa Cruz brand has a few inventions in skateboarding to its credit.

The Santa Cruz brand comes with complicated graphic designs on the decks, including the highly popular Sun God design.  The Santa Cruz skateboards are so popular that it is not possible to find a place on earth where skateboarding is practiced where they are not known.  Many very popular riders such as ‘Master of Disaster’ whose real name was Duane Peters, made their name riding Santa Cruz boards.

The Santa Cruz brand longboards are simple but the enthralling artwork they come with sets them apart.  People will buy Santa Santa cruz longboards for their uniqueness and ability to stand out.  Santa Cruz has partnerships with the likes of Simpsons, Star wars, Pabst Breweries and Marvel (Iron Man, Spider-Man, hulk etc.)

The partnerships Santa Cruz has with the above mentioned makes them produce boards with such eye catching graphics.  They are good at what they do.  You should give them a trial.

Santa Cruz has some of the trendiest longboards anywhere and is the most iconic brand.  The artwork on their boards is one of their selling points and they know their products sell because of their aesthetic appeal.  Currently they have rights to the Marvel and Star Wars content and characters on their boards.

Many of Santa Cruz boards are suited to cruising.  Despite the relative simplicity of their boards and affordability, they are much loved.  They get excellent reviews from online customers.

More than four decades of longboarders and skateboarders have been riding Santa Santa cruz longboards and skateboards.  It is likely that these very professionally made longboards will be around for a while.  If you want to ride on some of the world’s most famous boards, get a Santa Cruz longboard.

Perhaps the only way to know what makes Santa Santa cruz longboards so popular is get one.  Whatever your level of expertise, there is a board just suitable for you.  Here are our reviews of some of the best of this boards that you can purchase.

  1. Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 40″

This board comes complete and ready to ride straight from the box.  It is fast, sturdy and smooth as butter for doing turns.  It is just like any one of Santa cruz longboards and lives up to the superior quality of the brand.  Here are its key features.

Product Features

  • It has a length of 40 inches and a width of 10 inches.
  • It is a drop down design longboard.
  • It is made with 9-ply maple wood.
  • It has road rider 180 trucks.
  • It has OJ thunder juice wheels with 75mm diameter and 78a hardness.
  • It provides a smooth ride even on rough roads and makes a good commuter board.
  • It has ABEC 3 bearings.
  • It comes with a kicktail.


This is an excellent board for someone who wants to get a good trouble free ride.  Reviewers online give the longboard 4.2 out of 5, with 68% of reviewers giving the board 5 stars reviews.  Get yours today.

santa cruz longboards

2.       Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard (9.9 x 43.5-Inch)

The Mahaka Rasta is a much loved longboard that comes ready to ride.  Its performance is just excellent, leaving riders cruising on it endlessly.  It is sturdy and easy to master even for a beginner.  Here are the features that make this board a top performer.

Product Features

·         For the Island lifestyle, this is the perfect cruzer.

·         It has soft wheels for easy riding anywhere.

·         The deck is made of 100% North American maple.

·         It has black cutback trucks, bullet B150.  It has reverse kingpin trucks.

·         It has road rider translucent green wheels, 65mm in diameter, 78a durometer.

·         Spray on grip.

·         It has bullet ABEC 3 bearings.

·         It provides a smooth quiet ride.

·         It has a bottle opener at the bottom of the deck


This board probably one of the very best of Santa Santa cruz longboards.  It gets 4.9 out of 5 rating from online reviewers, making it a must-have board.   Over 88% of online reviewers on Amazon give this board a 5 stars review.  Get yourself one of this for a memorable ride.  It also makes an ideal gift for someone who loves longboards.

santa cruz longboards

3.       Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Complete Skate Boards, 8.8 x 27.7-Inch

The land shark Rasta comes complete and ready to ride.  It is an extremely easy to use board that rides excellently.  It is good as a commute board.  It is fast with great parts.  It has great construction and worth everything you spend on it.  Here are the features that make it such a great board.

Product Features

·         This is the ideal longboard for cruising and carving.

·         It is light and easy to carry around.

·         It comes as a complete 27.7 by 8.8 inch skateboard.

·         It has a flat, Cruzer deck that is also concave.

·         The wheelbase is 16.5 inches, with a nose that is 2.7 inches, and a kick tail which is 4.3 inches.

·         It has bullet hardware with yellow and red bullet B137 trucks.

·         It comes with ABEC 5 bearings.

·         The wheels are translucent green road rider with 65mm diameter and a 78a durometer.

·         It has clear spray-on grip.

·         The longboard comes with a bottle opener at the bottom of the deck.

·         It has Rasta graphics.  The bottom of the deck has Rasta-style colors and graphics.  The rails are also Rasta colored.  The top of the deck is white with black detailed logo.

·         It has a 7-ply construction.


This longboard brings island style to skating.  It is appealing to a many lovers of Santa Santa cruz longboards.  71% of reviewers on Amazon give this board 5-star reviews, putting amongst one of the more loved boards.  It is made with the top quality materials, as in the tradition with Santa Cruz boards.  Get this board for a fulfilling experience.

santa cruz longboards

  1. Santa Cruz Micro Drop Down Street Creep Complete Longboard Skateboard -9.34×36.52

This longboard comes ready to ride straight out of the box.  You do not need to struggle putting it together.  It is a superior longboard that lives up the high quality of Santa Cruz brand.  Even kids can ride this very well made board.  Here are the features that make it such a good board.

Product Features

·         It has a width of 9.34 inches.

·         It has a length of 36.52 inches.

·         It is a scaled down model of Santa Cruz’s popular drown down cruzers.  It is one of the better of Santa cruz longboards.

·         It has road rider 180 trucks.

·         Its wheels are 75mm in diameter, OJ Thunder Juice.


This longboard from Santa Cruz are very easy to use.  It provides a smooth ride and is light and fast.  Anyone can enjoy a ride on these smooth boards.  Get one today and enjoy a smooth ride.

santa cruz longboards

  1. Santa Cruz Retro Shark Land Shark Cruzer Complete Skateboard, Assorted, 27.7″L x 8.8″W

This longboard is not some heavy toy, if you are afraid that is what you will get at its price.  It is the latest addition to the ever popular Land Shark series.  It provides a super smooth ride and is stable.  It has fat soft wheels and carves extremely well.  It is one of the good Santa cruz longboards.  It is a longboard that you will want to get if you check its awesome features below.

Product Features

·         It has excellent risers that prevent wheel bite.  You can ride all over where you want without the fear of the wheels biting the deck.

·         It is an excellent cruiser.

·         It is an ideal board to use as a mode of transport.

·         It is made with bullet 140 trucks.

·         The wheels have a diameter of 65mm.  They are translucent red, road riders.

·         It comes with full top and bottom graphics as well as sand spray grip.

·         It is a complete retro land shark from Santa Cruz.  It is made with the same superior quality of Santa Cruz boards.

·         It has a bottle opener on the deck.


The retro land shark cruzer comes ready to ride straight from the box.  It rides like a dream and many reviewers online love this shark.  77% of reviewers online give the board a 5stars review.  To be one of these happy riders, get a retro land shark today for a truly enjoyable ride.

There you have our review of the best of Santa Santa cruz longboards.  You have no reason not to get one of these excellent boards.

santa cruz longboards