How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost in 2020? | Buying Guide

Skateboarding is one of the most popular recreational and sports activities in European and American countries. Mostly, children and youngsters prefer cruising on their skateboards in urban parks as well as the countrysides of the USA and Europe. In order to have a smooth and comfortable cruising experience, you need to choose the right skateboard.  If you are planning to buy a new skateboard, then the first question that comes to your mind is how much does a skateboard cost.

The average cost of a decent skateboard comes between $50 and $400. If you buy a cheaper skateboard i.e below the range of $50-$400, then you may regret this decision in the long run. The durability and longevity of such boards are questionable. These low-quality boards may also not provide you a smooth and enjoyable ride.  If you want to get proper details about how much is a skateboard, then you should take into account the following criteria before purchasing a skateboard

Factors That Impact The Price Of Skateboard

How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost?

There are a number of influencing factors that determine how much is a skateboard. These factors also play an important role in deciding the quality of a particular skateboard. Such factors include – 

  • Brand and Size of the skateboard
  • Construction of the deck
  • Upgradation of the trucks
  • Upgradation of the wheel size
  • Quality of the bearings
  • Hardware
  • Graphics 

Now, let’s go into more detail about how these factors impact the cost of a skateboard. 

Brand and Size of the skateboard

Brand and size are the most important deciding factors about how much is a skateboard. Some of the best skateboard brands of 2020 include-

  • If you are just beginning your skateboarders life, then the KPC Pro skateboard will be the perfect choice for you. The board measures 8″×32″ and the deck is made with maple wood.  It is designed for performing tricks, a well built sturdy board that costs $49.
  • The Boss board- vintage skateboard has a measurement of 22″×6″ and weighs 4 pounds. It comes with 59 mm wheels that provide you a smooth ride and hold weight up to 200 pounds. The price of this skateboard ranges between $38,-$49.
  • The brand Merkaba produces the best lightweight skateboards for beginners. The board Merkaba 22″ complete skateboard measures 22″×6″ and consists of big wheels that will guarantee a breezy ride. The cost of this skateboard is $40.
  • The brand Rimable produces the best affordable skateboard for teens. The graphics are really cool and are sturdy which can hold up to 198 pounds. One of the best skateboards of this brand is Rimable complete 22″. The price is 56$.
  • The brand Playwheels brings you one of the best girl’s skateboards. Disney Frozen 21″ wood cruiser skateboard consists of beautiful graphics from Frozen on the deck. Made of maple, best for learners they can carry up to 10 pounds of weight.
  • The last on the list is the Playshion 39 inch drop through freestyle longboard cruiser. The longboard measures 39 inches,  wheels measuring 50mm provides a controlled riding. Flexible decks made with maple and bearing steel ensures a freestyle ride.

For all these qualities, these skateboards cost slightly more than any ordinary skateboard. If you decides to buy the parts separately or want to go for a customized skateboard, then here are the individual prices of the components. These components decide the durability and longevity of a skateboard.

Construction of Deck

How much does a skateboard cost depends upon the most vital part of a skateboard i.e the Deck.  A deck bears the weight of the whole body while riding. Decks made up of Bamboo or maple wood costs more than decks made with ordinary materials.  The average price of the deck ranges between $30-$45.

Upgradation of Trucks

Trucks ensure you a hassle-free and smooth ride.  These are important for acceleration and turning. The price of trucks usually ranges between $15-$30.

Upgradation of Wheels

There are three deciding factors that make up the overall price of the wheels.  These three factors are shape, size, and formula. Better the shape of the wheels and smaller the size, it ensures a greater speed to the skateboarders. The shape of the wheels also decides whether the skateboard can run on a smooth surface or a rough surface or both. The average cost of wheels falls between $15 -$35.

Quality of Bearings

For street skaters smooth rolling is necessary. You would always want a board to roll naturally without having to give it a push. This is the work of good bearings. The price of bearings ranges between $18 -$140.


This is another vital part that connects the trucks to the deck. Hardware is made up of locknuts and bolts. They come in sets of 8. Each set costs between $4-$18.


This is another additional yet important factor that will decide how much is a skateboard.  Every decal costs between $1 -$10. If further depends on whether you are purchasing a customized decal or a stock.

Cost of Skateboard According To Its Type

How much does a skateboard costs also depends on the type of skateboard. The different types of skateboard include-

  • Common trick skateboard: This skateboard is generally used to perform common tricks like Ollies, board slides, 50-50 grinds. It is slightly curved at both ends and comes with the complete package of decks, bearings, trucks, and wheels. The price ranges from $75-$130.
  • Longboard: fall in the skateboard family but they are used mainly for cruising. The deck size is larger compared to a common skateboard.  therefore the deck of a longboard can hold bigger wheels and wider trucks. This makes a longboard suitable for transportation.  A longboard skateboard.
  • Shortboards: This is the short version of skateboards, mainly used for performing tricks due to its miniature size.

Best Budget-Friendly Skateboards

In case you are a beginner and do not have much money to buy an expensive skateboard, a budget-friendly skateboard with decent features will be perfect to start off.

Usually, the budget-friendly skateboards on our list will come with the following advantages.

  • The parts of these skateboards are assembled in a professional manner to make it stable and long-lasting.
  • The decks of these skateboards are well constructed so that your riding experience becomes safe and smooth.
  • These skateboards consist of good quality grip tape because it plays an important role in gripping your shoes for well-conditioned riding experience.
  • Trucks help the wheels to keep attached with the deck so that the rider can take easy turns. The aluminum trucks of these budget-friendly skateboards are suitable for heavy riding.
  • The cost-friendly skateboards consist of urethane and polyurethane wheels of different sizes which are appropriate for customized riding experience.
  • Another essential thing for the smooth stable riding experience is the bearings. These skateboards are made of ABEC 7 bearings for stable riding experience.
  • In spite of being lower in cost, these skateboards have a decent and stylish design to stand out among many skateboards.

However, the budget-friendly skateboards come with certain disadvantages

  • The budget-friendly skateboards don’t ensure as much longevity or durability as expensive ones. The decks are made of simple materials whereas the high priced skateboards come with decks made of bamboo or Canadian maple wood.
  • The designs of the budge friendly skateboards are not very attractive. The craftsmanship on the decks is morbid, whereas the high priced longboards come with exquisite graphics and splendid vintage designs.
  • Budget-friendly skateboards don’t provide you modern features. They are rather classic. But high priced skateboards come with electrical features like remote-controlled movement, and weight shifting mechanisms.

Here are some examples of budget-friendly skateboards. The pros and cons are also mentioned to provide you with a detailed overview.


 This skateboard is best for performing tricks and stunts. The deck made of maple wood can carry up to 220 pounds of weightage. It also contains antishock wheels. The price of this longboard $48.99.


  • Transportation friendly
  • Spectacular design
  • Highly durable
  • Easy for transportation.


  • Unavailability of lightning system


The measurement of this skateboard is  31″×8″   which provides riders with enough space to ride freely. It consists of Pvc cushioning,  maple wood deck, and best bearings.  The prices range between $39 – $42.  All these factors decide how much does a skateboard cost.


  • Speed is incredible and provides a super smooth ride
  • Great brake system
  • Light as a feather
  • Assembling the parts takes a shorter time


  • Not suitable for rough terrain
  • The wheels might not guarantee durability.


Being made of Canadian maple, the deck is which is 8-inches provides the maximum stability. The load holding capacity of this skateboard is 396 lbs. The polyurethane wheels ensure a safe ride. The wheels have ABC -9 bearings that make the wheels much more flexible. These factors are responsible for deciding how much is a skateboard. The price ranges between $30 – $50.


  • The magnalium truck is highly durable
  • Double kick tail design provides a good control
  • The material is durable.
  • Comes in an assembled manner


  • This skateboard is not suitable for children.


This skateboard is best for cruising purposes and is highly suitable for beginners. The deck that is made of Canadian maple wood measures 31×7.9×3.7 inches. The overall weight is 23 kgs, which makes it portable.  The deck is highly flexible and it can take weight up to 220 pounds. It has aluminum trucks, and wheels measuring  55mm that ensure a  hassle-free ride to the skateboarders. The price is $56.97.


  • Highly safe
  • Speedy
  • Consists of drop through features
  • The deck is wide


  • It is slightly on the heavier side.


This skateboard is best for beginners because they come at a rookie size i.e 7.5 inches by 31 inches. It has a spectacular design. Great performance is guaranteed by  52 mm wheels and aluminum trucks. It has the capacity the hold 200 pounds.


  • The size of the aluminum deck is 5 inches.
  • The load capacity is high.
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • The design is excellent.


  • The technology for the vintage pattern is missing.

Cost of Beginners’ or Children’s Skateboard

Are you a beginner in skateboard or planning to buy a skateboard for a 6 year old and above. Then,here is a list of good quality skateboards that are ideal for beginners or children.

  • Minority 32 inch maple skateboard: It consists of a cold-pressed maple deck, 5-inch trucks, a load capacity  220 lbs. The cost of this skateboard is $49.
  • Chrome wheels 31inch skateboard: It consists of a higher grip system, concave design, and speed control is excellent. The price is 48.99.
  • Kpc Pro skateboard: The deck is made of Canadian maple wood and has a higher grip. However, aluminum trucks may get loose in the long run. The cost of this longboard is $49. This is the best skateboard for 6 year old and above. 
  • Roller derby rd skateboard: If you are on a budget, then this is the perfect skateboard for you.  It also comes with some quality features like 50 mm wheels, maple wood deck, and lightweight trucks. The cost of this skateboard is $34.99.
  • Puente 31inch complete skateboard: The most useful feature of this longboard is that it can carry weight up to 398 lbs. A very flexible board, with magnesium trucks and good quality wheels, ensures the rider a good ride. The price of this longboard ranges between $34- $ 49.
  • Krown Rookie checker skateboard: This model has 52mm wheels, 89 grit black grip tape, 5.0 aluminum trucks., Maple wood deck. This model is made up of an easy ride. The price of this skateboard is $44.
  • Powell golden dragon: This model serves the best for both beginners as well as professionals. It consists of polyurethane wheels that help in rolling and grip control. Each of its components is built intricately to serve certain specific functions. This skateboard is manufactured in China. The price of the skateboard is $109.  Although the price is a bit higher than the other beginner skateboards,  you cannot really complain because of the splendid features that come with the price.


As mentioned earlier, Skateboard is really a popular sports activity among children as well as young adults. Skateboarding improves the balance of your body and makes you physically fit.  If you are planning to start skateboarding, then you should not hesitate about how much is a skateboard. Instead, you should try to purchase the skateboard that fits your budget and requirements. In this thorough article, all your questions about how much does a skateboard cost have been answered so that you don’t face any doubt about the cost of skateboards.