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10 Best Off road Skateboard 2017 – Review And Comparison

Best Off road Skateboard

Are you looking for the best Off road skateboard to take the adrenaline rush to the next level? Skateboarding is one of the loved sports of the present age which has no age limit at all. Both the young and the old alike can comfortably find that perfect type that suits them. Innovation is still in the rise and manufactures have continued to come up with best off road skateboard models that can rock to the edge. Let’s have a look at the latest models which have continued to take all riders by storm.

  1. Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

This is a perfect choice especially if you love up-hill rides. It weighs about 5.5 kg, manageable weight enabling it to move faster at a speed of around 28 kms per hour. Its sturdy nature makes it one of the best off road skateboards to opt for. The deck comprises of an 8-ply maple material enabling it to withstand any kind of climate. The wheels also do have such a high rebound as they are made from polyurethane material.

When it comes to controlling the speed and brakes, the wireless remote controller has all your needs taken care of. It is easy to control and changing speed is manageable especially for beginners.

This skateboard takes only 60 minutes to fully charge and the better part is that the charger is compact and can easily fit into a backpack.


Maxfind New design electric skateboard has a combination of uniqueness and stability. It is very trendy and at the same time sturdy hence durable. Its incredible speed makes it a preferred choice for those who love to move faster and are always on the go.


  1. Atom 95X MountainBoard

If you are looking for a skateboard that can easily be ridden by your teens, then Atom 95X has lots of value in store for you. It is perfect for beginners including the little ones. Small feet can easily fit into the All Terrain Skate F1 binding truck. Inclusion of V4 Brake kit makes it easy to control such that a left foot forward child can also manage it.

The grip from its 8 inch tread tires is worth noting as this contributes to the stability nature.  The deck is also amazing as it comprises of a maple laminate and tip angle of 20 degrees for efficient movement.


  • Comes with adjustable foot straps
  • Easy to control
  • The V break system enhances safety mechanism
  • Ideal for entry level riders


  • It doesn’t come with a leash and brake cable acts as the substitute for pulling the board
  • The cord is quite short


This skateboard is ideal for mountain boarding as well as uphill adventures. Even though it may not suit grass ridding, it can cope in most of the areas including sandy and rocky regions. It is a perfect choice for the entire family as it suits both beginners and pros alike. The in-built V brake system makes this skateboard a preferred choice especially for kids.

  1. SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard with Wireless LED Remote

Talk of a skateboard that meets all safety requirements and you’ll settle at this best off road skateboard. Its wireless LED remote is such an added advantage as it works well in controlling speed as well as the braking system. Besides, you will know the battery status so that you can act accordingly when recharging is called for.

It derives its durability nature from the polyurethane wheels which are encompassed with shock absorbing ability. This makes riding such a smooth venture throughout.  You can also take a ride of up to 10 miles with just a single charge. The 24V LI-ON Battery is pretty powerful and can hold power for longer periods. Besides, get an included USB charging cable to let you handle the remote when need arises.


  • It can easily be carried around as it weighs about 10 lbs for a 32” board
  • Durable wheels made from polyurethane materials
  • The wireless remote enables easy acceleration and deceleration
  • It can go faster at a speed of 11MP for 32” and  15MPH for 41” board


  • The remote doesn’t indicate fully charged even if it is and this may be confusing
  • May at times fail when you want to free roll when its powered off

Overall, this skateboard is a fit for those looking for comfort in boarding. It offers a smooth ride and works well in rough regions. It comes with a remote control to help in easy navigation. Its lightweight nature makes it possible to move along with to a desired boarding spot.


  1. Yuneec YUNEGOCR001 E-Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Its orange black combination gives this best off road skateboard an attractive look to begin with. The shape is also worth noting as it allows for long rides and therefore would be a perfect option for many skateboard lovers. The patented 6 flex case for its battery allows deck flexibility in that its placed underneath the board to enable it flex when the board does so. There is absolutely no worry even if you ride through wet ground as the battery is neatly covered in a water resistant case.

This California designed light weight board gives an added advantage in case you want to carry it along. With a weight of slightly above 13 lbs, you can’t miss moving it to any desired point.

Charge it once and move as far as 18 miles without any worries. It is driven by brushless motor, a technology that puts it at top notch. Besides, handling the remote controller is easy especially when accelerating and breaking; probably because it is wireless.


All in all, this is an all round skateboard and is ideal for beginners as well as the experienced riders. The fact that it has a waterproof housing for the battery makes it an ideal choice. Its battery life is another advantage as compared to other skateboards Going up to 18 miles with a single charge is worth noting.


  1. Electric Skateboard Longboard with Brushless Motor and Bluetooth Remote

There are powerful electric skateboards but this one beats almost all of them. To begin with, the speed is fabulous especially for the professional riders. Inclusion of the 1200W oxygen tech motor enables this board to attain a speed of up to 20mph.

The battery life is perfect and the transmission can manage 18 miles after just a 2 hour quick charge. The battery casing is big enough and measures 65 x 22 cm allowing an extra space.

If you are looking for soft landing wheels, then this board offers exactly that. Its high rebound wheels ensure that you attain a smooth ride and shock absorption with no hitches. When it comes to turning at high speed, make it memorable with this longboard skateboard.


  • It is lightweight and can easily portable
  • Has prolonged battery life
  • The high rebound wheels are good shock absorbers
  • Fun to ride because of its long board and grade ability of 20 degrees
  • Sturdy in nature


  • You need to position yourself correctly in order to control the brakes with ease
  • The controller comes in plastic hence not durable and replacement is necessary

Having been made of up to 8 layers of 100% Canadian maple, the deck of this skateboard is therefore not only unique but flexible and sturdy.  It can hold up to 120 kg and still maintain its speed. Its Bluetooth remote control and patented 7 inch gravity truck is also ideal when you are at high speed.

  1. Mototec 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard Dual Motor

Too many people want to enjoy the feel of great skateboards but fear about control. If you are among them then breathe a sigh of relief because Mototec 1600w Dirt Electric skateboard is all you need. With large treaded tires and adjustable speed setting, this best off road skateboard gives you the best control, grip and speed level. Its sturdy nature, all derived from the real woodwork allows the board to carry weight capacity of up to 260 pounds.

Inclusion of two separate motors is a plus for this model. Most skateboards contain only one but Mototec waves in a class of its own. One motor on each rear wheel gives it the best move when turning without dire effect of twisting at acceleration.

Control of speed is superb as it has an adjustable speed setting which allows you to switch to low, medium or high speed depending on your choice. This makes it ideal for training your little ones as speed can be controlled amicably.


A mixture of sports and fashion is what this skateboard gives you. Think of snowboarding, surfing and all other adrenaline sports being combined with off road skateboarding.  The best part is that the tires can perfume equally well on any surface due to their wide volume. The remote also gives an assurance of the best control as compared to other kinds of skateboards. Simply incorporate the wireless mechanism which gives up to three speed variations for effective landing.

  1. Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard

E-Go 2 is an improvement from E- Go Cruiser which stood at 42” to a much shorter board of 9.5” inches. Its design has also improved from the previous model making it easy to steep as accurately as possible. The new kicktail design is a perfect turn point for stability matters.

Charging mechanism has also improved and control of the power switch is more manageable. Inclusion of a USB charger ups this skateboard making you charge the remote comfortably. A single 4 hour charge will take you up to 18 miles without any problem. Controlling speed is another added advantage with two riding modes and up to 12.5mph variation.


  • Lightweight in nature
  • Three colours to choose from
  • Variable speed control
  • The board is sturdy in nature


  • Its top speed of 12.5mph is regarded low by most riders
  • Doesn’t have an app for Android, but only for iPhones

At the end, this is a good remodel from the previous E-Go electric board. The new shape which encompasses a kicktail gives a better steering and control mechanism. Colour variations of hot pink, cool mint and the famous blue goes down well with all ages and gender. The griptape is however black and this gives it a complete look all together.

  1. Alouette Electric Skateboard 29 Inches Maple

This hub motor for the novice enables you to go either slow or faster depending on your preference. The reverse mechanism puts it among best off road skateboards which is easy to control with just a push of a button. This is located at one side of the remote control which when pushed once, the direction button turns to reverse mode enabling an instant change in direction.

The board is purely of maple wood with 5 layers which makes it retain its light weight nature of about 10 pounds. It however derives its sturdiness from the maple material. The battery, 29.4V Lithium, also adds value to this skateboard, having a capacity of 2200mAh up to 4400mAh. Charge it for a reduced waiting time of 2 hours and enjoy long duration service.


  • It is light weight and can be carried to any destination
  • Has got a reverse mechanism and you only need to press a button
  • Contains two speed modes; swift from high speed to low as desired


  • Preferably for kids

The availability of two speed options makes it a perfect learning board. It can go slow or faster for the more experienced riders.  All that need to be taken into account is keeping it away from water. Other regular checkups of the bolts as well as tightening them will enable your skateboard last as long as possible. Otherwise, warranty goes for one year and this is a surety that you’ll get value for your money once you settle on this particular skateboard as the preferred option.

  1. Atom Longboards Electric B.36 Skateboard

Its name says it all and cannot be compaired to any other skateboard in terms of length. Built with larger wheels of 8mm, this best off road skateboard gives an extra ground clerance and turning leverage that’s worth noting.

Major uniqueness results from its superior software, the Field Oriented Control, which brings forth an all round smooth acceleration while in motion. Besides, both first timers and pros can have a feel of this skateboard, thanks to its two speed modes.

Having to worry of a sudden blackout? Not with this product as it has an in-built battery level indicator that will warn you in advance in case charging is needed.



  • Very sturdy and has no flex
  • The deck rides higher from the ground
  • It comes fully assembles and ready for use
  • Contains battery enclosure that keeps them safe throughout



  • The section ends are built of plastic which is a concern to some people
  • It is not waterproof though it is sealed from moisture concerns

If you want to get value for your money, then rest your case with this skateboard. You wouldn’t need any fixing as it comes fully assembled and ready to use from the package. Ample protection aluminium case for the batteries ensures proper guard from damages. It is also useful for rigidity addition, enabling the board to perform greatly even in extreme hardy regions.

  1. Boosted Dual + 2000W Electric Skateboard

This model mimics real sports and so if you love action, just get on board and thrill yourself like never before. One clear indication is that boosted products are the bomb as they are usually of quality. Its 2000w enables this board to move at an accelerating speed therefore making it worthwhile for sports lovers.

Regenerative breaking also puts this board at a leading range among other skateboards. Recharging your battery every minute you hit the brakes is such a pretty cool idea. This means that you don’t have to worry much when you are at that uphill point.

Its weight of about 15 pounds makes it ideal to carry along with you. Thinking of the battery going off sooner than expected? Not with this type. Boosted Dual best off road skateboard comes with a battery that can last for 2000 cycles. Its charger also has a reasonable small size that is compact and can simply fit into a backpack. Spend only half an hour to charge the battery to three quarters and hit the road without additional waiting period.


Boosted Dual is a real boost in terms of technology. In fact, the advanced electric technology takes after a motor vehicle and hence the reason of multitude of sensors, on board microprocessor and mobile connectivity among other features.

It is a perfect choice due to its stability nature. The kill switch sums up all its uniqueness and enables even first timers to have a safe landing. This switch is a life saver by itself. A single hit will prevent you from falling off especially if you lose balance at down-hill. Experienced riders will enjoy it the more especially with the highest performance level and top speed.