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Best Longboards For Beginners-2018 Reviews

Best longboard for beginners

Determining what could be the best longboards for beginners may appear complicated if you are just starting longboarding.  If you search online, you will be spoilt for choice and won’t easily determine what to go with.  But it need not be so complicated to choose a board.

It is important to note though, that even if you choose the best board for longboarding, you will require plenty of training.  You may suffer some injuries but if your trainer knows his stuff, you will learn the art of longboarding.  Just having a longboard and trying to ride it is not enough.

The Basics of Longboarding

You must figure out how you ride.  This implies finding out if you ride your board with your right or left foot at the front?  The foot that goes forward should be your stronger foot.  You will use it to push the board.

After you have figured how you ride, you need to figure out what to do with your feet when you start ridding.  Many new riders find riding pretty confusing when they step on their board and have no idea what to do.

You will also need to get a partner for practice.  Perhaps your trainer can serve this role.  This person will push you when you first get on the board so that you can practice balance, stability, and strength.

You will need to master how to turn.  This should be simple once you master two techniques referred to as heel and toe edge curving.  Mastering this two help you turn either right or left.  You also must learn how to stop your longboard.

Remember that when you start riding your longboard and it gathers speed, you also gather speed.  If you come by an obstruction such as a grassy patch, you could be sent plummeting forward.  This could lead to a nasty fall, if you are unprepared for the abrupt stop.

You may also be riding on a smooth surface and want to stop.  You will break differently when it is an obstruction stopping you and when you voluntarily want to break.  All this are skills your trainer will teach you.

Do you feel you have you mastered the basics of longboarding?  At first it may be difficult, but bear in mind that practice will make you perfect.  Be sure to wear a helmet and pads on your knees, elbows and hips.  Also wear wrist braces which are very important.  Wear a mouth guard as well to protect your teeth in case of a bad fall.

Be sure you are well protected when you go ridding because you could get very hurt from a fall if you don’t have the right gear.  If your trainer has taken you through all the above, and you have had some practice, you may feel ready to start ridding alone.  You will need to get your own board, if you didn’t do so before the training.

We want to take the guesswork out of choosing a board.  Here is our review of what we consider the best longboards for beginners.

1.Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard, 44″

This longboard is just the right size at 44 inches.  It is the original bamboo longboard.  With elegant maple and bamboo deck, abstract original graphics, durable 70mm PU wheels and rugged aluminum trucks, this longboard is just perfect for a beginner.  We certainly consider it one of the best longboards for beginners.

Product Features

  • The deck is shaped for performance and has extra details that are not found in a deck that comes at the price of this one.
  • The board comes with authentic components. The authentic original components result in better performance.
  • The speed bearings are genuine ABEC 7.
  • The deck of this longboard is hardwood maple and 7 ply super flex bamboo.
  • Quest longboards are professional style longboard made by experts and perfected by professionals.
  • 4 spacers and 8 speed rings come preinstalled.


This longboard is not only obviously made with great precision and care, it is also aesthetically pleasing.  You couldn’t go wrong with this board described by the constructers as made in Mars.  Look out for this board and get yourself one.

Best longboard for beginners

2.      Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Many learners who have bought this board are all the rave about it.  It is made with an inexperienced rider in mind.  It is extremely durable, and the parts do not require replacing for a long time after purchase.  It is also extremely stable and easy to ride.  It also rides very smooth.  It is exactly what a learner would require, making it one the best longboards for beginners.

Product Features

  • Longboard trucks are reverse kingpin, 245mm axles.
  • Urethane wheels are 70x46mm and super high rebound (SHR).
  • The deck is full maple laminate. It is durable and has just the perfect amount of flex.
  • Grippy wheels that are also soft and that wear evenly and slowly.
  • The board has beautiful graphics.
  • Maintenance of this board is not easy.
  • Bearings are ABEC 5.
  • Grip tape is high quality 80S.


This board has an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5.  The excellent construction of Atom boards shows on this board.  If you want a board that will not constantly require repair, this is the board to go for.  Get one for a perfect experience.

3.      Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch)

This is a really good entry level longboard.  Its wheels are great and its deck quite sturdy.  Its shape and design is just excellent for carving, making it even more ideal for beginners.

Product Features

  • The classic deck shape of the longboard helps to avoid wheel bite.
  • The pintail longboard is optimized for cruising.
  • The board is made with learners in mind. This makes this one of the best longboards for beginners. 
  • Trucks are 8.5 inches made of aluminum. They are traditional longboard trucks, 217mm axles.
  • Wheels are super high rebound urethane, 65X35mm/78A.
  • The top has full coverage griptape, a high quality 80S tape.
  • ABEC 5 bearings.
  • Deck is maple laminate.


If you would want a longboard with a reputable brand name and made for beginners, this is the one.  Everything about this board is optimized so that the beginner will feel like a pro.  What’s more, even professionals love this board.  Get one for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

4.  Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

This board is constructed with a learner in mind and optimized for speeds.  The centre of the deck is lower than the ends, which makes it stable at speeds, which is important for beginners.  The quality of this board is great for the price.  Yocaher have constructed a board that is just right for professionals as well as beginners.

Product Features

  • This board comes fully assembled.
  • The deck construction is concave, 9-ply maple. It does not have any high flex.
  • Wheel base is 33 inches.
  • It comes with wheels that are 78A hardness, Q-Ball 70X52mm.
  • Bearings are Chrome ABEC 7.
  • It has black widow premium grade 80A black grip tape.
  • Trucks are HD7 and heavy duty, 180mm hanger, aluminum alloy.


This longboard gets a 4/5 rating from online reviewers.  If you are still deciding what longboard to go for, this should not be a bad choice.  It is one of the best longboards for beginners.  Go and get it.

best longboard for beginners

5.Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard Skateboard

This is another gem from Yocaher constructed with a learner in mind.  It has a teardrop shaped deck, which makes it an ideal campus cruiser.  It comes at a bargain price as well, considering its excellent quality.  It is one of the best longboards for beginners.

Product Features

·         Trucks are heavy duty, HD7.

·         180mm hanger, aluminum alloy.

·         Bearings are ABEC 7, chrome.

·         Griptape is 80A black premium grade.

·         It has a 27 inches wheelbase.

·         Deck construction is 9-ply maple, with no concave and medium flex.

·         It has Q-Ball wheels, 70X52mm.

·         It comes fully assembled and ideal for beginners.


This longboard gets 4.1/5 rating from online reviewers.  It’s a perfect board if you want to learn to longboard.  Get this Yocaher board and be on your way to smooth longboarding.

best longboard for beginners


Longboarding can be a fun and enthralling sport when done right.  You will need a good board to enjoy the new hobby.  With our guide, we believe you will get the best longboards for beginners.

You will not need to make some false starts and get poor quality boards that do not serve your purposes.  The longboards featured above are brand names and known widely for their quality.  They are all also constructed by experienced manufacturers.  So you have no reason to get just any board.

Go and get yourself a longboard most suitable to you from the above list.  We believe you will find longboarding enjoyable and worthy pursuit if you have a good board.