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Best Longboarding Shoes -2017 Reviews

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You got to get it right when it comes to choosing longboarding shoes. If anything to go by, these shoes should be on your top list priority. Longboarding cannot be complete without a firm grip, confidence and performance optimization. All these criteria fall back on to the kind of shoes you are going to settle on. You can get a huge difference from the designs, the pattern of the shoes and the sole in general.

Each longboarding shoes come with unique specifications and some small pinpoints is necessary to help you gauge on what works best for you. Issues like speed control, making turns and manoeuvres not only require skill but some best add-ons like the correct shoes. The following Best Longboarding Shoes 2017 have what it takes to sojourn on like a real professional.

  1. Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe

Very flat, light and duly comfortable probably because it is made from purely recycled materials. The outsole is of rubber material while the shoe laces get their unique and strong feel from recycled plastics. They would suit beginners but are duly good for the most experienced skate boarders.


  • They are comfortable due to their flat nature
  • Are lightweight and allows easy movements
  • These shoes are attractive and unique
  • They are strong mainly because they are made from recycled materials
  • Eco friendly
  • You can use them for skating as well as working


  • The sizes tend to mismatch in that they are tighter
  • Are not available in many colours

Even though some people viewed these shoes as a bit tighter, they give absolute comfort. The internal midsole add up to inside cushion hence the soft nature. They can also double up as longboarding shoes as well as your ordinary walking shoes. This is because they are stylish and gives a real casual look.

  1. Nike Men’s SB Portmore Skate Shoe

Nike range among the best manufactures and when they decided to come up with such, know it falls among the best longboarding shoes 2017 currently trending. Sports shoes and socks go along together for most brands.  Probably, to absorb sweat when the gaming gets tuff and sweat is all to show for it.

Nike Men’s SB Skate shoe incorporates mesh which brings forth a cool breeze to your feet every time you take a turn or a quick move. There is absolutely no need of socks for the sake of sweat absorption. Its sole is duly perfect for stability. The rubber sole plays an important role when it comes to breaking at a downhill.

If comfort is what you are looking for, then look no further as this model has a neatly cushioned foot bed which gives your feet a soft landing region.

As a matter of fact, this longboarding shoe will give you value for your bucks. Its lightweight performance enables easy acceleration while maintaining a firm grip from the outsole sticky gum rubber.

It is also constructed in a vulcanized manner that gives you an upper hand in flexing and a real board feel. If your mission is to fully feel the board, then this is the option to go for.

  1. Etnies Men’s Marana Vulc Skatebaord Shoe

The hidden lace loops makes it dully a shoe to consider when reviewing best longboarding shoes 2017. Besides aligning themselves neatly, there is adamant protection and accidental lace crosses are totally avoided. You cannot go wrong with Etnies as they are perceived as the first skateboarder operated footwear organization. They have continued to bring on sports footwear with added advantages like the Marana Vulc skateboard shoes.

The soles are also vulcanized thereby enabling easy breaking while remaining light at the ride. Their flexibility nature is what put these shoes at top notch thereby being suitable for experienced riders. Whether you talk of a better board feel or a firm grip, this shoe beats almost all the others.


  • The sole is durable and has a good grip
  • Laces are tangled inside to offer maximum protection
  • Mesh tongue gives a breath taking feel
  • This version of Marana is slimmer hence light in action
  • Perfect rebound from the insole foam


  • Since they are slim, they are deem fit for narrow feet

The vulcanized sole gives this product an upper hand as it enables instant breaking. The ton of layers that are glued in place gives it the durability nature that is necessary. Try this Marana Vulc and feel the board all the way.  Furthermore, the supportive armoured collar ensures maximum protection all through the ride

  1. Etnies Men’s Highlight Skate Shoe

Etnies have continued to change the skateboard footwear face and has now brought on Men’s Highlight Skate Shoe which features silicone Ollie area meant to give utmost durability. Other improvements noted with this brand include the TPR heel wrap. This has proved to be worthwhile especially for the long riders. This system is meant to tightly lock your heels down and get a real feel of the board. It is also a sure way of keeping your focus on the front while you let the lock take care of grip motions.

The outsole has taken this shoe by norm as there is no rubber inclusion. Instead, ultralight STI evolution foam which is much comfortable has proved to be the preferred choice. This foam is responsible for cushioning your feet and acting as a shock absorber. You are securely guarded from harsh impacts.


At the midst of it all, comfort matters especially when choosing which best longboarding shoes 2017 to grab this season. Etnies Men’s Highlight Skate shoe is super light and so, ideal for longboarding. The mesh panel also comes in handy and is cool enough for breathability.

Above all, this shoe doubles up as a casual and sportswear because of the sense of style that is incorporated within. Its mixture of leather and textile is an absolute innovation that makes it distinct from the other kinds of sports shoes.

Among the many benefits that this shoe offers, extra support leads the way. The TPR heel wrap system has not been thought of by other manufactures. Ensure you attain maximum protection next time you attempt to ride your favourite skateboard.

  1. DC Men’s Spartan High WC Skate Shoe

This shoe is great and those who have worn it would attest to that. It is highly noticeable from its super thick sole which makes it strong enough. It contains a generous cushion that lets you skateboard all day without having a pinch.

The rubber sole also acts as a soft landing material and abrasion resistant for great support. For security measures, DC Men’s Spartan has tangled lace loop that once tied, makes riding such an adventure. There is absolutely no worry of the laces protruding out as you move downhill.


  • Got a thick, durable sole
  • Has got a wrap cup sole
  • Inclusion of mesh lining for air circulation
  • Ensures maximum comfort because of the cushion within
  • An attractive fashion and eye catching


  • Due to the thick sole, some perceive it as bulky
  • The insole is hardy and tuff


This shoe is unique and falls among the best longboarding shoes 2017. Most people love the thick sole however some deem it as too bulky. This will be thrown back to the user because if you really want a feel of the board, then this might not be the shoe for you. Nonetheless, those who want a real soft landing, then go for DC Men’s Spartan skate shoe and land in style without even feeling the board.

  1. Osiris Men’s NYC Vulc Skate Shoe

Skate like never before with Osiris Men’s Vulc skate shoe. Its vulcanized construction puts it in front making it flexible. The thick sole also acts as a guiding base when skating on rocky regions. This is a great product for both the beginners and pros alike. It ensures ankle support from the padded tongue, making it an ideal choice for distant longboarding. You can go up to 20 miles without necessary taking a break due to the cushioned insole.


  • It is highly durable
  • Ensures ankle support
  • Perforations at the top good enough for breathability
  • Gives a secure fit from the closed up laces


  • Comes in a thick sole hence appears bulky to some users
  • They are a small fit hence a bigger option would do


Much effort has been thwarted to the insole and even though this gives support to the ankle, it tends to project the insole overcrowding. The padded tongue is awesome to some users though others feel it is overdone in an effort to offer enough cushioning. Probably this is the reason why the shoes appear bigger on the outside, but smaller on fitting. All in all, preferences differ and what is cool to one user may not be so to the others. This shoe will however give you value for your money because it is durable, and performs well in most cases. The outer sole gives an effective grip thereby upping your game when longboarding.