Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising In 2022

(UPDATED ON 04 Jan 2022)

Have a longboard but the wheels have started to wear off? If yes, then you’ve arrived at the right place as we will discuss some of the top best longboard wheels that would help you get the board back in action, offering you your best riding of 2022. 

We are here to help you find the best wheels for your longboard. No matter what kind of longboard you use, we will get you the perfect match. Along with the list of best longboard wheels, we will have some guidelines for you in this post. Here we will tell you how you can choose the best wheels. From features of wheels by top brands to the pros and cons, we will update you about everything. Not only this but also we will help you through the wheels buying guide.

Things To Consider When Searching For The Best Longboard Wheel Of 2022

As a buyer of longboard wheels, you must be well aware of the checklist including the must-haves and budget in order to pick the right wheel. Adding to it, the features and qualities must also be listed in order to cross-check and make the purchase a valuable one. 

To help you and ease the process a bit, we have curated a quick list of the features that you might want to look for when purchasing your longboard wheel:

The Budget

First and foremost, you must be aware of your budget and consider it the same at every point. Be it $25 or $50, try to pick the best wheel for your longboard in the same amount. We have a few listed below.


While safety plays an important role, considering the look and the overall appearance is also a criterion you might want to keep in mind. Ideally, longboard wheels for kids must include good colors, cartoon characters, shapes, sketches, shapes, etc, if not, whatever the kid prefers, but choose one that your kid would like to ride on.

The Riding Paths

What path does the kid usually ride on? Is the road uneven, has holes, or is a smooth surface, depending upon the road choose the wheels that are best made for it. 


While you would be spending a considerable amount of money, it is necessary to also look into one that offers durability, if not, it’s not worth the purchase. Therefore, the best way to determine the same is to check on reviews, products descriptions, etc, to make it the right pick. 

Before you head out for the purchase, we’d recommend being aware of the kind of board you have to look for a wheel that would fit best. Ahead of this, you may want to look into the pointers mentioned above. 

Now that we know the criteria to keep in mind, let’s jump into the best picks of longboards 2022, that you might want to consider attaching to the board for your little one.

Top 7 Best Longboards Wheels To Consider In 2022

As we have mentioned earlier that there are a lot of longboard wheels available in the market. If you start checking all of them one by one, then you can’t even check half of them in a day. So what is the best way to get the best longboard wheels?

So many new riders ask this question. Don’t worry you don’t have to waste your whole day to find the best wheels for your longboard. Because here we have listed the top longboard wheels. You can browse this list and find out one which is most suitable for you.

#1. Sector 9 Nine Ball - Best Longboard wheels



Sector Nine is a well-established name in longboards. Many experts will recommend Sector nine as one of the quality brands. So if you are also a fan of Sector Nine, then you will also love their wheels. They pay the same attention to the quality of the longboard wheels as they pay attention to brand new longboards. A huge fan base of this brand is seen in the world. Whether you are buying longboard wheels for cruising or for short rides, these wheels will be the best.


These Sector Nine longboard wheels are made of Urethane. The material makes it more powerful. The diameter of these wheels is 70 mm and it has a 38 mm contact patch. It provides a stronghold and braking power to the rider. The softness and absorption of vibration of these longboard wheels make it more comfortable. All of these features are the reasons why these wheels by Sector Nine were the highest selling longboard wheels.

#2. Shark Wheel Sidewinder Review



There are some longboard wheels made for carving and some made for cruising only. But what if you want the best longboard wheels for carving and you want to use it for cruising also? Shark Wheel Sidewinder 72 mm 78a is the best wheel pair for you if you desire something like that. These wheels can give you a stronghold and grip on your longboard. No matter what kind of skills you have you will find these wheels best for you.


The most important thing about shark wheels is the shape of the wheels. The wave shape makes these longboard wheels look more attractive. But wait a bit, these wheels are not made for the attraction only. They are doing very well on strong grip, control, break, and hold. So it is all good to make your ride more comfortable. Durability is another feature of these wheels. It’s DNA formula makes it more durable for the riders.

#3. Orangatang Caguama Review



Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels are made for cruising. If you really want to improve your longboard riding skills. Then these wheels are the best longboard wheels for you. The most important thing about these wheels is that they are very comfortable. But that doesn’t mean that Orangatang Caguama is nonworking wheels at a higher speed. The Orangatang Caguama wheels are good at higher speeds also. You will feel that your longboard is still in your control when riding a longboard on Orangatang Caguama.


The size of these wheels is really huge. 85 mm sized wheels are really good. But the best thing about its size is the contact area that it provides. 55 mm of the contact area provides a strong grip to the rider. These wheels are long-lasting because they are made to save themselves for the most common issue that wheels are facing.

The most common issue is the heat that is generated due to the friction between wheels and the ground. This heat generation makes your wheels less durable. But these amazing wheels come with the excellent heat resistance feature. Along with it, the lightweight feature is also awesome.

#4. Orangatang Kegel 80mm Review



Close your eyes and choose Orangatang Kegel 80 mm if you love downhill riding. Riders that are riding longboards for the workouts and fitness goals can achieve more with these wheels. If you have ever used any product made by the Orangatang brand, then you may know how much quality these products have. These products are made with high-quality material to assure riders that they can get a strong grip.


The eight Loaded Jehu V2 bearings provide it more acceleration and grip. The inner raceways of these wheels are more than the other same sized so-called best longboard wheels. There are many wheels but this one is a little bit different than the other products from Orangutan. It has a little bit square looking lip.

The material used in these wheels is similar to the other Orangatang wheels we have mentioned above. The Happy Thane formula material is used along with it and they have added urethane. Urethane is added mostly to every longboard wheelset because it provides more grip and control to the rider.

#5. Fireball Beast 76mm Wheels Review



If you are an experienced longboard rider then it is normal that you may know about the best longboard wheels and the materials used in them. If we ask you which is the best material used for the best skateboard wheels? Then you may answer that there are many materials used. If we ask which is the common material used for the longboard wheels? Then you may say that it is the Urethane. Yes, but what if we say that a special kind of Urethane is used in the Fireball Beast 76mm longboard wheels. This is beast urethane used in these wheels.


Less rolling resistance, comfort, and smooth-riding are the common qualities of these best longboard wheels. If we talk about the special features of these wheels then the Slide Prepped technology is one of the best features that it has. It is very easy to remove the first contact patch layer and use these wheels for a quick slide.

#6 The FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels Review



If you always prefer to have quality longboard wheels for you then the best option is to get the FREEDARE 70mm longboard wheels. One of the best longboard wheels in the 70mm category. These wheels are prepared by keeping in mind the ABEC-7 (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) standard. That is why we have said that longboard wheels have amazing quality.

The perfect alignment of bearings along with spacers make these wheels more durable and comfortable. Whether you want to go cruising or you want to play in any longboarding sports contest. You will find that these longboard wheels are professionally manufactured. Not only they are made for professional use but also they look professional with the plain black appearance.


These best longboard wheels with 70mm diameter, 51mm width, and 83a durometer will enhance your riding experience. As commonly used polyurethane is the material used in these wheels also. Steel bearings make it more comfortable for you to ride on this longboard.

#7. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels Review



Fast riders love speed and speed love Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 76mm 80A SHR Mountain Cruisers. These longboard wheels are the best longboard wheels for the fast riders. If you love to ride fast then must give a try with these wheels. They will help you balance your body on a longboard even at a high speed. No, it is not risky to ride at a high speed on these longboard wheels. Because these wheels will help you get a firm grip on your longboard. So there is never a chance of losing grip from the longboard due to these wheels.


The Durometer of 80a SHR quality makes it perfect for you. The dimensions for these wheels are 76mm x 53mm. Controlled slides, offset cores and well-made corners are the best parts to have a look at. Downhill riders will find these wheels as the best riding partner for them when they are on mountains or even or harsh paths.

Various colors are available in this model of the brand. You don’t have to satisfy yourself with just a few basic colors. Other than the quality and colors, the appearance is so much attractive and exotic to attract kids towards them.

To Conclude

Looking for the best longboard is a tiring task, let alone looking for the best-suited wheels for your longboard. 

While most of you would consider the purchase to be an easy one, as a matter of fact, the reality is rather different. Looking for a good quality wheel, with a good grip, feature, fit, etc, is not as easy as visiting the website, choosing the wheel, adding it to the cart and purchasing could be. 

Therefore, this is why we recommend having your checklist in hand. Not only will it help you understand the features to look into, but also help you know what-to-avoid, and what to be specific about, also keeping the budget in mind. 

To make your purchase easy and comfortable, we hope the blog post above has helped you choose the right longboard wheel for your use. All the best!


  1. What are the best longboard wheels you can look to consider in 2022?

Listed below are the top 7 best longboard wheels that you could consider when buying your longboard wheel in 2022:

  • Sector 9 Ball 
  • Shark Wheel Sidewinder
  • Orangatang Caguama  
  • Orangatang Kegel 80mm 
  • Fireball Beast Wheels 
  • The Freedare 70mm Longboard Wheel
  • Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 
  1. Is it important to check for the durability of the longboard wheel during a purchase?

While you would be spending a considerable amount of money, it is necessary to also look into one that offers durability, if not, it’s not worth the purchase. Therefore, the best way to determine the same is to check on reviews, products descriptions, etc, to make it the right pick. 

  1. What are the specifications of Orangatang Kegel?

Orangatan Kegel comes with 8 Loaded Jehu V2 bearings that offer better grip and acceleration with inner raceways that are of the best size, as compared to the other longboard wheels on the list with a square-looking lip and are made using urethane.