Best Longboard Tricks That You Should Try | Longboard Guide

Are you also looking for an answer to how to use a longboard, then here you are at the right place. We are here going to answer this question. From how to longboard to advanced longboard tips, we will tell you everything about longboards. So don't miss any of the below-mentioned tips and tricks and learn all the boards tricks.

Before getting started with advanced board tricks, you must begin doing beginner level practices. You must know how to start with a longboard. If you don't know how to use a longboard or skateboard, don't worry because we have the solution. You can learn it here. We will help you understand how you can learn using a longboard. After that, you can try beginner level tricks, and then, in the end, you will learn from advanced longboard tips. This article has all the suggestions; whether you want to start with a longboard or dance on a longboard, you can learn everything here easily and quickly. So without wasting time, let's get started.

How To Use a Longboard For beginners?

As a beginner, you must know how to use a longboard. So the following steps will help you become a good longboard rider.

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Longboard Basics

First of all, you must learn the basics of longboarding. First of all, know whether you are a regular rider or a goofy rider. A regular rider rides a longboard with his left foot forward, and a goofy rider rides with his right foot in front.

Try-On Flat Surface: 

First of all, try to use a longboard on a flat surface. Now you can give a push start to your longboard with the other foot backward. Try for a few minutes, and you will find yourself good at the essential step. 

Basic Stance : 

Stand properly on your longboard—the proper method to stand for a beginner to keep your feet in between the trucks. Trucks are the bearing that holds wheels of a skateboard.

Try Basic Slope : 

Now you are an expert at flat surfaces. Now it is the right time to try an essential downslope. Don't worry. We haven't yet tried longboard tricks. A slope will help you learn the proper balancing technique in longboards.

Take A Turn : 

It's time to take a turn on your new board. Before learning any of the tricks & tips, you must know how to make a turn and carve. Use toe edge cutting to turn left and use heel edge cutting to turn right on your longboard.

Control The Speed :

The other important part of basic longboard tricks is to learn to control the speed of your longboard. You can control the speed by friction. In this, you have to put one foot on the ground. Other ways that modern riders use to control speed are air brakes, carving, etc.

Easy Longboard Tricks For Beginners

These are the best tricks for beginner that we love to share with you.

Carving You can start carving on a plain surface, and after that, you can try these  tricks on a sloped surface. A lot of ways are there to carve a skateboard. You can use the indirect method and some others also.


Sliding is also one of the basic tricks for beginners. The following are the popular longboard sliding tricks.

  • Backside Predrift Sliding: In this, you have to lower yourself on the longboard to put some weight on it. After that, use the hand on the side toward which you want to take a turn with sliding. Now place your hand correctly and get some weight off your back wheels. Now, after releasing pressure from the back wheels, slide those wheels out of your body, and you will find the backside pre drift sliding in your ride. Soon after a slide has ended, you can turn back to your position in the same way you were entered.
  • Frontside Powerslide: One of the fantastic longboard tricks & tips. To use a frontside powerslide you have to straighten your legs suddenly while riding a longboard, it will release weight from your longboard suddenly. Now get your front arm in the air towards the direction you want to slide in. Now kick off your wheels with your back foot and see a beautiful slide in your ride.
  • Coleman/Pendulum Slide: To do this slide, you must be ready before applying any longboard tricks. Carve for a few minutes smoothly on the road to get available for this slide. Now get lower on your longboard and bring your front hand on the way and lean forward. It's time to swing on both sides, one by one, to get it done quickly. 


Footbrake is also among the very basic longboard tricks. Start pushing yourself on the longboard and get the speed that you want. Now use your back foot as a brake for you. You have to get your back foot in contact with the road. It would help if you had to keep in mind that you should touch the way very little for the first time with your foot. Now, after that, lower your body and get a break in your ride.

Longboard Tricks For Intermediate Riders :

After learning all about the beginner level longboard tricks, we can switch to the next section made especially for the intermediate level riders. If you are also an intermediate level rider, you will learn a lot of tricks and tips to experience joyful longboard riding. We will also tell you more about some longboard bonus tips from intermediate longboard sliding tricksbowls, and transition. 

Intermediate Longboard Sliding Tricks :

  • Toeside Slide: The very first tip in this kind of slide is to make your longboard ride faster. More speed makes it easy for the rider to get a toe slide. So assuming yourself an intermediate rider, you can increase the speed. Now find out the spot where you want to slide on the road. Plant your hand on the way, and initiate the slide. Keep your body lower when you are planting your hand on the road. After the slide is over, you have to bring your longboard back to its original position.
  • Frontside Standup 180 Slide: As an opposite slide type to the toeside slide in this amazing longboard sliding trick, you have to keep your speed a little bit slower than the actual rate. The body position will be centered on the board and save yourself more relaxed. Carve a little bit and then lift your body upwards and initiate the slide. This slide is just like a 180-degree turn.

Intermediate Longboard Bowl & Transition Tricks :

  • Drop-In: It is effortless to drop into a ramp with your skateboard. However, it becomes difficult for the riders who are learning intermediate longboard tricks for the first time. So they are always scared before their first try with a drop in. No expert tricks or methods are required to drop into a ramp. You have to put your wheels on the nose of the slope. Now take a clean ride with your longboard.
  • Backside Kickturn: Backside kickturn is very basic if we talk about the intermediate level longboard tricks. This transition is the first one that riders learn after completing their period as a beginner. In this, you have to keep in mind that you don't need to go fast in the beginning. You can do a backside kickturn transition at any speed, but it is recommended that you should try it at a low rate for the first time. Now start approaching and head towards the railing of the ramp. Stick to the end of the ramp and let the transition take place.
  • Frontside Kickturn: This is the next transition you need to learn right after learning the backside kickturn. Use your head and nose as the guides for your longboard. You may know that the longboard will head towards the location where your eyes and nose are heading. So always guide your longboard with them and look clearly at the arc. The procedure for this trick is similar to the backside kickturn transition.

Advanced Longboard Tricks :

Now it comes to the advanced longboard tricks. These tricks are easy to learn if you have practiced basics, beginner tricks, and intermediate tricks for a long time. However, it is not the specific criteria to use advanced longboard tricks. You can also directly head towards the advanced longboarding tricks, but it will be more beneficial when you are coming here to the third stage after practicing a lot in the beginner stages.

Dancing Longboard Tricks :

  • 180 No Comply: Most of the dancing tricks need symmetrical longboards. But when it comes to 180 no comply, you can do it with a longboard of any size. So no worry about the size of the longboard. To do this trick, you have to start rolling and lower your body to levy more weight on the longboard. Now keep your backfoot backward a little bit and plant it on the ground and pop the longboard. Now, hop and land again on your longboard.
  • Bean Plant: This dancing trick is similar to the 180 no comply longboard tricks, but this time, you don't have to rotate the longboard. No rotation is required in the Bean plant trick. In this trick, you have to roll your longboard and go forward. Now pop your longboard and grab it in your hands. Now the last step is to jump and land safely on your longboard.
  • Fakie Shuvit: This one is another fantastic longboard trick to do if you are an advanced rider or are going to pretend to be an advanced longboard rider. In this trick, you have to pop your longboard and drop it with the same front foot. Pop it from backward by pressing with your front foot and now shove it to rotate in a 180 degree, and when it gets straight, land on it.
  • Cross Step: Cross step is the easiest trick you can do on a longboard. It is more comfortable than the beginner level sliding tricks. But still doing this trick will represent you as an advanced rider. This simple trick is just about the balance. You have to balance your body correctly. Now keeping your longboard straight, you have to cross your legs on it.