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hoose The Best Longboard for kids Among These Amazing 10 boards..."

Longboards are the best picks to help keep the kids busy and ensure they play outdoors for better physical activity. Therefore, it becomes even more important for you to pick the right longboard, that is not only enjoyable but is also safe for their use. 

But, to know how to choose amongst the wide variety available in the market is a question wish to tackle, making your purchase well informed, safe, and the best as per your budget. Before we get into the best picks that we like, let’s understand the things to keep in mind when choosing the best pick in 2022.

Choosing the wrong board for your kid will make them unhappy. So it is essential to consider all the vital aspects and compare them before you buy any kids longboard. While buying a longboard for 6yrs old kids, you must consider the specifications of the board seriously, because the elder kids have more rejection excuses than the younger ones.

All of the boards we have mentioned below are available with amazing features. It is all up to you and your kids to choose which board features match their requirements and desires. Some kids may like Sola Bamboo longboard with a unique colour theme or maybe some like Landyachtz ATV, which is best for cruising. So read this article entirely and buy the best longboard for kids.

Thing To Consider When Buying A Longboard in 2022

Here are a few things you must keep in mind when choosing the best longboard in 2022.

  • The Size Of The Deck

This is necessary to look at when looking for the best longboard. Make sure to pick an appropriate deck, keeping the age and weight of the kid in mind. 

  • Truck

Carefully check for the trucks as these are the base of the longboard, offering good support and a safe ride for the little riders.

  • Bushes

The bushes must be made using strong and good quality metal, an essential thing to look at when buying a longboard in 2022.

  • Wheels

Look for a longboard that offers the freedom to customizable the wheels, as in the list below.

  • Grip

Check if the board you are finalizing has a good grip too. Riding could be risky at times and being safe is the best way out. 

  • Appearance

All said and done, appearance is the last yet important feature to pay attention to. If the look of the longboard does not match the preference of the kid, then it makes no sense to buy the same. It is a good idea to always ask for the kid’s preference, their choice, and color to make sure the purchase is fruitful. 

Top 10 Best Longboard For Kids To Choose From In 2022

Listed below are the best pick of longboards that you can look into and make your first best pick of 2022. Make sure to keep the features, safety, and budget in mind. 


  •  It comes with a top deck, which is made of bamboo.
  • Unique graphical design.
  • It provides a ‘dropped deck’ feature.
  • Ensures a smooth ride and comes with a secure brake system.

This board is designed for kids of all sizes. The best thing about this longboard is it’s ‘dropped deck’ quality, which means it is easier for beginners to glide through smoothly. It comes with 70 mm wheels and 7-inch trucks providing a smooth ride and controlled turning.

 It also comes with an attractive pattern. The bamboo deck on top consists of a unique graphical design that runs between the wheels and truck joints. Sola Bamboo is the best skateboard for kids ( especially early teens) who are still on a learning level.


  • The best thing about this kids longboard is that it provides compelling features at an affordable price.
  • Has a secure grip mechanism and comes with an innovative deck feature that provides a safe and comfortable ride.


  • However, if the price is not the issue, and you want a higher quality product, then you can check among the other options on the list.


  • The quality of this board is reflected by its famous brand name’ OUDEW ‘.
  • Consists of high-quality parts.
  • Easier to cruise on a bouncy and rough surface.
  • The deck made up of maple wood is quite flexible.

This kids longboard comes with the best features. It consists of a fancy laminated board made up of wood, 7 inch aluminum trucks and ABEC-7 bearings. Each of these parts is explicitly designed to ensure an enjoyable ride.

The 50 mm PU wheels allow you to ride on a rough track. The 9-inch charger trucks provide you with an excellent grip and reliable turnings. The vertical bamboo deck is flexible, and it is specially designed to eliminate any form of vibration. This board is favourable for taller and older kids.


  • The excellent features of this longboard make this product worth the buy.


  • But the problem is the cost price of the product. However, the highly engineered parts and the thrilling riding experience that this longboard provides explains the high amount.


  • A hybrid longboard.
  • Purely made out of Canadian maple wood.
  • 95A 53mm High Rebound Pu Wheels for suitable ride in all types of roads
  • Consists of a full dinghy that provides comfortable cruising.

ANDRIMAX is the best longboard for kids, which will work both as a cruiser as well as a longboard. It is 31 inches in length and 8 inches in width. 

It consists of 95A 53mm high rebound wheels . These wheels are durable enough to pull off stunts and tricks, and also promises a hassle-free ride. The deck is made up of Canadian maple wood that ensures durability. The deck is 8 inches. It comes in a classic popsicle shape and has two cocktails.


  • The most important feature of this board that sets it apart from the crowd is it’s the duality of playing the role of a cruiser, as well as a longboard.
  • Unlike other longboards that do not provide a comfortable experience even on a smooth surface, The ANDRIMAX high rebound wheels ensure a safe ride.
  • Comfortable and flexible deck capable of withstanding any ollies. 


  • The only disadvantage is its full deck, but that should not stop you from buying this product for your kid


  • Consists of a traditional pintail shape.
  • Provides stability and balance with it’s the longer wheelbase
  • It is made up of components that ensure smooth rides and stable turns.
  • Comes with risers that prevent wheel bite.

Consider This If You Are On A Budget. Redo is the perfect longboard for kids if you have a good budget in your hand. This longboard has a length of 34.5 inches and a width of 8 inches. The pintail shape gives it a classic look. This board comes with 65 mm tall wheels and TKP trucks, enabling your kid to have a smooth ride. High risers allow you to take deep and painful turns without getting wheel bite.


  • The price is quite reasonable, and the features are okayish.
  • The shape and size of this longboard are perfect for kids.


  • The smaller wheels are the worst part of this product.
  • A ride on a bumpy and rough road is a bad idea on this longboard as it’s wheeled and does not provide enough grip.


  • Stable, Cool, and One Of The Best boards.
  • Consists of very high-quality well-designed components.
  • Best built-in features for short kids
  • Broad standing area

Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 is one of the best longboards for 6yrs old kids and kids in general available in the market. Manufactured by the best brand, it consists of high-quality features. It has a length of 33 inches and a breadth of 9.6 inches. 

The width provides the much-needed space for kids, especially those who are on the heavier side. It consists of a drop-through and a rocker that ensures a functional brake system and balance. For learners pushing around becomes easier for such features. It comes with Hawgs wheels, Bear Spaceballs bearing, Bear gen six trucks. These are the best components one could ask for in a longboard.


  • This one is the best option for experienced skaters and beginners kids.
  • Spacious enough for a comfortable ride.
  • The grip quality is excellent to cope up with lousy turn points


  • It cost over $209, which is quite high, and that’s the only bad thing about this longboard.


  • Price is much lower than other longboards.
  • It’s full and comfortable.
  • One can easily balance on the large dinghy.
  • Will prove excellent on smooth roads.

The WHOME is the most affordable longboard for kids in the market. The 31 x 8.25″ Maple Deck in the broad deck makes it easier for kids to balance well, it’s more comfortable and spacious than The Landyachtz. The graphic design is soothing and decent. It consists of small wheels, making it slightly harder for kids to ride on asphalt roads, and roads with cracks and holes.


  • The best part of this longboard is it’s the price.
  • The spacious deck makes it easier for kids who have broad feet.


  • The wheels of this longboard are not designed for a crooked path.
  • It doesn’t promise you the best components.


  • Made up of some of the best components.
  • It’s a perfect balance between long and wide.
  • It does not come with a kicktail but has a longer wheelbase.
  • Best for kids who are 5 feet tall.

#BEST Cheap Downhill longboard for kids

It consists of some premium components like RKp Paris trucks, Dragon bearings, rally deck, and fireball tinder wheels. The length and breadth are 30.5 and 8.9 inches which are the perfect balance. It provides a smooth turn because of its long wheelbase. This longboard for kids can become the best alternative even to the best longboard for kids. This board will win if we talk about longboard vs skateboard issues.


  • This kids longboard is worth a try because it promises the best components at a much lower price.
  • It’s the best option for tall kids.
  • Consists of a wide wheelbase, so you won’t feel the absence of kicktail.


  • Shorter kids may find it difficult to ride this board because of its width and length.


  • 5 inch aluminum trucks for strong grip and safe ride.
  • Soft wheels that effortlessly glide over rough surfaces.
  • The product costs $35.
  • Made up of Maple wood

Unlike dinghy and fireball, this kids longboard has been made for cruising purposes too. It consists of 55mm 95A wheels. The distinguishing feature is the 31 inch long and 8 inch full deck for performing great stunts. 5 inch aluminum trucks make sure that the ride is stable.  

The soft wheels are specially designed for both rough and smooth surfaces that will save the kids from any accident. The product comes with a 3 year warranty.


  • Customized for a cruising experience.
  • The brand ” TOYER BEE” ( maker of this longboard) provides the best customer service, so there is always the option of replacement.
  • Designed with a full deck for great stunts.
  • Price is affordable.


  • There are no such cons of this product and it is perfect for your kids.


  • A durable, hardy easy to ride a longboard.
  • Volador Maple is an affordable longboard, with decent features for beginners.
  • A combination of drop mounted trucks and 70 mm wheels ensures a breezy ride.

The brand volador is known for manufacturing such easy going and best longboard for kids at an affordable price. It provides a comfortable ride with a length of 40 inches and a width of 9 inches.

 It is eight plus thick. They come with the single feature drop mounted trucks and 70 mm wheels. This combination enables the board to glide over rocky terrain and quiet lanes with ease. Kids who are a little on the heavier side would enjoy its broad base.


  • If you are on a budget, then this longboard is the best option.
  • The drop mounted trucks provide the best acceleration.


  • At 40 inches This board may prove to be a little challenging to ride by kids who are smaller in size.

 #10. Fireball Mini Cruisers: One Of The Underrated Longboards


  • The shape and size of this kid’s longboard are pretty good.
  • Components are well designed.
  • Consists of Paris to trucks that provide smooth turning.

For a fun ride in the park, a fireball mini cruiser is the best option among all kids longboards, despite the smaller wheels, which is 60 mm. It provides a smooth, comfortable, and hassles free ride. That is one of the most famous specialities of this longboard.

Balancing and holding on to the grip becomes much easier because it is equipped with Paris T trucks. It has a length of—8.5 and breadth of 29.5 – a quite spacious measurement.


  • It has excellent components, design, and shape.
  •  Much more affordable than the Dinghy longboard. This longboard costs $30 less.


  • Smaller sized wheels.
  • Portability and mobility might be the difficulties here due to its width ( 29.5).

Longboard vs Skateboard: What is The Difference?

The question of longboard vs skateboard is always a talk of the town. The question has the right answer. A longboard is more massive in size as compared to the skateboard. The average dimension of a skateboard is just around 28–34 inches long and 7–10 full. But on the other hand kids, longboard has dimensions of 35–60 inches long and 9–10 inches wide. Other than the size, you can see the difference in the shape of both of them.

Skateboards generally have curves at the ends, while longboards don’t have any curve at the ends. Wheels are also different in both of them. As it is evident that longboards are giant, so they have bigger wheels than skateboards. Longboards due to their large size are easy to balance for the kid, while skateboards need some balance making skills. If we talk about cruising, then it is hard to go for a long ride on a skateboard. However electric skateboards are helpful in long rides also, but longboards are smooth and comfortable for a long ride. Longboard vs skateboard has become a never-ending debate among people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are longboards good for kids?

A: Yes, longboards are suitable for kids. The main and the best thing about longboards is that they do not require too much skill to balance. However, it is hard to ride even on the best skateboards for kids. But longboards are easy to ride.

Q: How dangerous is longboarding?

A: This answer is also for the longboard vs skateboard because it is evident that longboards are not dangerous. A beginner level kid can ride it comfortably. But skateboards are hard to ride.

Q: Do longboarding require any safety gear?
A: Safety of your kid is the utmost priority for you and us. We always recommend using safety gears, such as helmets and joint guards.

Q: What size longboard is best for kids?

A: It all depends upon the age group and the height of the kid. If you are looking for a longboard for 6yrs old kids, Then you must choose a board with 7.0″ to 8.0″ width (considering the height of the 6 yrs old kid as 3’5 to 4’4.

Q: Longboards are durable or not?

A: If used with proper guidance and maintenance, it can be durable for you. Your kid can use it as long as he/she wants. Also, it matters how much rides are taken on that board.


It is the best option to allow your kid to put their thoughts in play and choose their best longboard to ride on. Make sure to follow basic standards and features to make it a good buy, such as the suitable size, features, specifications, safety, durability, and affordability. 

Hope the blog post above has helped you pick your best longboard.

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