All About Longboarding & Professional Longboards

Are you new in longboarding? This website will provide you everything you need to know about longboards & Skateboards. As a beginner in longboarding, you need to get adequate information about them. The sports equipment, the longboard, is quite similar to skateboards. However, the size of a longboards is longer than skateboards. There are various shapes of longboards used for different purposes.

Longboarding has gained a lot of popularity as a sport in American and European countries. Longboards  has excellent speed, and the materials are advanced so that you have a smooth longboarding experience.The standard shapes of skateboard include hybrid, fishtail, drop-through, cruiser, etc. Also, longboarding needs proper equipment to ensure the safety of the longboarders. They take the help of this equipment to protect themselves from injuries. Longboard cruising is an everyday activity that most people enjoy doing.

Longboard Buying Guide

What Are The Best Longboards for beginners In 2020?

Having trouble in buying the best longboard? We are providing a brief review of the 10 best longboards for beginners in 2020 that you would love to ride. Choose any of these according to your choice and budget.

#1. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Cruiser

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Cruiser

You can read the full Playshion longboard review on our site. Here features of the following board will be discussed. The specific features of this board include 

  • Deck size 48" x9.5"
  • Big Soft 70 x 42 mm PU Wheels
  • Solid 7 Inch Aluminum Truck
  • Weight- 6.8 lbs


  •  This board is ideal for cruising. The bamboo deck can bear up to 250 lbs. Also, this provides stability to its riders. 


  • There are no such cons.

#2. Globe Geminon Evo longboard

Globe is a well-known brand that manufactures skateboards and longboards. Let's give you a review of two Globe longboard productsGeminon Evo is a perfect longboard manufactured by the Globe brand. The product is made of high quality wood and bamboo so that you can slide perfectly on hilly terrains. The particular features of this board include:-

  • Wheel size: 70 mm 78a wheels
  • Wood stringer of diamond shape
  • Deck Size: 38" x 10'" x 27.5-28.5"Wb
  • W medium steepness concave
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Price: $ 202
Pros & Cons:-The weight of the board is both a pro and a con. The board is stylish, provides stability, and the symmetrical shape allows us to execute complicated tricks. The soft bushing may raise some problems while riding fast.

#3. GLOBE HG Bantam Graphic ST Cruiser Board 

This longboard has a plastic cruiser longboard without any conclave.

  • Deck Size: 23 inch
  • 3.5″ Slant trucks
  • Lighter and smaller successor with a swallow tail and s-trace grip.
  • Plastic made with colorful patterns.
  • 59mm 78A wheels
  • Product Weight: 3.9 pounds


Pros & Cons:- It is a lightweight longboard and easy handle. The longboard is ideal for cruising. As it is made of plastic made, it is not eco-friendly.  It is also more fragile than bamboo or wood made longboard.

#4. Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard 

Artisan Bamboo Longboard is another exceptional product of The Quest. The Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard is advanced.

  •  Length: 44"
  •  Width: 9.5”
  • Nose: 6.5"
  • Tail: 8.27"
  • Wheelbase: 26.378"
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs
  • Construction: 7-ply Super Flex Bamboo and Hardwood Maple
  • Mounting Style: Bottom Mount

Pros and Cons:- It is very stable. It provides a smooth ride and has excellent durability. The Bamboo deck is organic, and the designs are stunning. The cons are you will not be able to take full turns. Few suggest changing the bearings.

#5. Quest Spaced Cruiser longboard

Let’s give you two quest longboard reviews to provide you with an idea about the Quest brand’s products. Quest spaced cruiser is one of the most excellent products that The Quest has ever manufactured. The 100A bushings allow us to go further on a single push, and the deck is quite huge. Graphics is also eye-catching.

  • Length: 36″.
  • Width: 8.5”.
  • Nose: 4.72.”
  • Tail: 6.69″.
  • Wheelbase: 21.55″.
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Construction: 7-ply Russian Maple.
  • Mounting Style: Bottom Mount.
  • Double kicktail.
  • Price- 63 Dollars.

Pros and Cons:- It is great for adventures. The Bushings have a softness rating of 100A, and the ABEC 7 carbon-bearing provides full movements and more excellent controls. There are no such Cons.

#6. Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Let’s give you two quest longboard reviews to provide you with an idea about the Quest brand’s products. Quest spaced cruiser is one of the most excellent products that The Quest has ever manufactured. The 100A bushings allow us to go further on a single push, and the deck is quite huge. Graphics is also eye-catching.

  • Length: 36″.
  • Width: 8.5”.
  • Nose: 4.72.”
  • Tail: 6.69″.
  • Wheelbase: 21.55″.
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Construction: 7-ply Russian Maple.
  • Mounting Style: Bottom Mount.
  • Double kicktail.
  • Price- 63 Dollars.

Pros and Cons:- It is great for adventures. The Bushings have a softness rating of 100A, and the ABEC 7 carbon-bearing provides full movements and more excellent controls. There are no such Cons.

#7. RazorX Cruiser Electric Longboard

RazorX longboard is one of the most expensive longboards because it costs up to 149 dollars. Style of this longboard is great, and the special features include –

  • Carry weight up to 100 kg.
  • Deck Size: 37.5 Inch
  • Digital wireless remote
  • Product Dimension: 37.4 x 10.6 x 5.7 inches


Pros and Cons:- This one is quite flexible and offers lethal speed. The deck has the highest quality and durability. The negative thing is the wheels get stuck sometimes, which raises several problems.

#8. Green Double Drop Longboard

Green double drop longboard is also known as one of the most expensive longboards.

  • Measurements: 9.75″ x39.75″
  • Wheelbase: 30″
  • The wheels measure 76mm in diameter, and they have a 53mm contact patch.


Pros and Cons:- It has 9-Ply Canadian Maple, so it allows you to perform all the professional stunts. The full deck is highly durable and long-lasting. There are no such cons.

#9. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboards are eco-friendly and wallet-friendly longboards. This Zed Bamboo longboard is fantastic.

The specification of this zed bamboo longboard include-

  • 70mm x 50mm 85A PU wheels
  •  ABEC-7 Bearing
  • 44" artisan longboard made


Pros and Cons:- This model has plenty of colors. You can choose any of these colors. The deck is enormous and made of bamboo, which provides a stable ride to the rider. The price is also reasonable. There are no such cons of this product as of now.

#10. RIMABLE Drop Deck Longboard

This Rimable longboard is ideal for cruising. The unique features of this longboard include-

  • 41 Inch Deck.
  • 70X51MM PU WHEELS.
  • 7inch 180 ALUMINIUM TRUCK.

 Pros and Cons:- The deck is decent and reliable. The price is affordable. Still, this longboard has some cons. The components often need replacing. The trucks are not as safe as the manufacturer mentioned in the product description

What Factors Impact The Price Of Longboards?

The average longboard price depends upon several factors. They are brand, wheel size, trucks upgrade, deck construction, and bearings.


The price of longboards in regular brands may vary from $150 – $ 340. In comparison, Arbor longboards may cost $150 – $ 250. The number of loaded longboards may vary between $290 and $360.


Longboard costs also depend upon the material. Deck construction material can impact the price. All wood boards cost less than boards made entirely out of bamboo.

Deck size

Deck size is a crucial factor that influences the cost of a longboard. Mini cruisers like Globe Blazer or the Dusters Flashback cost less than $ 150 while dancing longboards like Loaded Bhangra, Loaded Taran may cost more than $ 300. The most expensive longboard in the dancing longboard category is the Loaded Taran, which costs $ 425.

Trucks and Wheels

If you are a beginner in longboarding, you might want to consider the trucks’ types and the quality and size of the wheels. Higher-end vehicles will increase the overall cost of the longboard. Trucks like forged precision trucks specially designed for downhill racing may vary between $100- $150. Surf trucks’ features may increase the total cost of a longboard by $130. The best brand that makes longboard wheels are Hawg, Sector 9, Venom. The more the wheels’ size, the more the overall cost of the longboard, such as 80 mm wheels, which automatically change the deck to each edge.

How Professional Longboarders Ride Perfectly?

 Not only a professional longboard is required to ride like professional longboarders. You must try these amazing tips to become an expert at longboarding. Keep in mind that mistakes are a part of might fall innumerable amounts of time while practicing longboarding. You should always tuck your hands inward, and try to roll out if you fall. After you have mastered all these stances, try riding on a professional board.

  • Practice how to push and pull a brake: While standing on the board, try rotating your front foot and also make an attempt to adjust your hips and shoulders at the same time. While doing this, try to lift your back foot, as your whole body weight shifts to the front foot, try bending your front knee and lower the back foot to the ground. Try doing this without turning your hips, and try to squat. Finally, come back to the initial position.
  • Try rolling:  practice the rolling stance on smooth pavement with a slight slope. Repeat the pushing posture, and try moving your board by giving a little push to the ground. If you are comfortable in this position, try kicking the dirt a little harder to increase your speed. However, you should always be cautious while doing this.
  • Try to put a brake: this is the most crucial technique. It is similar to the pushing stance. Try brushing the ground with your foot to create friction and slow down your speed. While doing this, keep your foot flat to the ground because a small rise might result in an accident.
  • Learn to turn: Before riding on a hill, try practicing this on flat ground. Push the edges of your board to turn it in whichever direction you like with your heels. Try locking your ankles and move your body to the course of the turn. Spread your arms to keep off the balance.
  • Learn how to carve: this simply means expertizing the turning patterns. You can control your speed while riding down a hill if you practice cutting in the right manner. While carving, you will have to bend the knees to lower the gravitational pull. If you want to slice to the toeside, bend your knees forward, and if you’re going to carve to the hillside, move your butt backward.

What Are The Best Longboard Brands?

The brand name is an essential criterion if you wish to purchase a longboard. So, you must be wondering what the best longboard brand is. These below mentioned brands are some of the best longboard companies. The company that topped the 2020  longboard brand list is Quest with a rating of 4.6/5. The companies which got the best ratings are volador 4.5/5, then Retrospec 4.6/ 5, Atom 4.8/ 5. Some of the well-known brands are-

  • Sector 9: Sector 9 is considered amongst the top longboard brands. Started in the year 1993, this brand is known for producing high-quality longboards. They are also known for producing accessories for longboarders like slide gloves or speed suits. Customers prefer this brand to others for their excellent customer service.
  • Landyachtz: Founded by Michael Perretan and Thomas Edstrand, this brand produces unique longboards. Landyachtz is little bit expensive but the overall material and quality of the product will compensate the price. They are known for designing drop down longboards. One of such is the Landyachtz switch 40. it consists of an asymmetrical design that allows the riders to take sharp turns.
  • Loaded longboards: considered as one of the best longboard brands, they are known for producing longboards that stand out from the crowd for their excellent ability to carve, and highly flexible decks made out of bamboo. An environmentally conscious brand, they use eco-friendly materials. They have an offshoot brand named Orangatang, which produces high-quality wheels. Some of the top products of this brand are Loaded Tan Tien, Loaded Vanguard.
  • Atom longboards: This is a very recent brand that has successfully registered itself amongst the excellent longboard brands. The specialty of this brand is that they produce durable products at an affordable price. Some of its well-known boards are Atom pintail – that attracts customers with its unique design, and Bamboo drop through that is perfect for sliding and carving.
  • Yocaher Skateboards:  If you are looking for a trustworthy brand that can offer you the best quality product at a lower price, then you must certainly go with this company. Yocaher Drop-down Longboard is best known for its riding quality. Starting from the year 1975, they have managed to maintain their brand name in the market.
  • Globe longboards: This is an Australian company that is quite well known in the market for its chain of longboards that are known for their riding quality and wonderful designs. One of their most distinguished longboards is Globe Geminon Drop Down Longboard. They also produce Skateboards and accessories for riders.
  • Arbor Axis longboards: Earlier this brand used to produce snowboards, but then shifted to longboards. This brand does a unique job. They grant a part of their profit for environmental developments. Their longboards are known for excellent deck quality, turning ability, and cruising capacity. Some of their bestsellers are Arbor Axis Koa and Arbor Axis Walnut Longboard.


What Are The Best Longboard Riding Styles?

Longboarding is a pure thrilling sport with lots of fun. Though it is a bit different from skateboard riding styles, there are some similarities. It gets more exciting when several riding styles are combined together. Some of the best longboard riding styles that will surely give you an adrenaline brush include-

  • Downhill: This is one of the scariest Riding styles that involve a lot of technical turns and cruises, hand sliding, and flipping. It requires an average speed of 69mph. A rider needs to wear protective accessories on his/ her hands, leather suits, and a fully covered helmet while performing this style. The riders use professional and advanced Longboards for such a style. Expert longboarders can only perform this style.
  • Freeride: The only difference between freeride and downhill is that in this style, riders do not use hands to do carves, slides, and spins. This style involves a lot of creativity, control of acceleration, and balance. This style is best for beginners. A longboard measuring 60-80 mm is required in this.
  • Freestyle: This is amongst the fun longboarding styles. The riders need to master various stances like click flips, tiger claws in this. Here the fun lies in switching stances while going for creative tricks.
  • Transportation: this style is popular among beginners. It’s better to slide off, have some fun, tour places, and enjoy while riding than to use public transport to reach nearby areas. This requires longboards measuring 35-45mm. Here the rider requires a natural navigating skill.
  • Cruising: This style is more casual in a way where the rider needs to handle speed and carve. You can cruise through alleys and towns and just have fun. You don’t require a lot of technical riding skills to pick up this style.
  • Carving: If you want to ride a board, then you must know to carve. This is a technique used by riders to maneuver speed and turns. It also helps a rider to focus on a particular direction.
  • Slalom: This is a unique riding style where the rider needs to ride between cones while going downhill. Speed is an important factor in such a style. Sometimes, the rider needs to face obstacles while riding downhill.
  • Brakes: Brakes and acceleration are important parts of riding styles. So the riders are required to learn the following techniques to pull off brakes. They are footbrake, air brake, sit brake, slide brake, and carving.

What Are Different Types Of Longboards?

Do you know that there are different types of longboards available in the market? These boards types are mentioned here in our article. You can see best bamboo longboards, best cruising longboards, and so many other longboards types.

  • Downhill Longboards: The downhill longboards are perfect if you are looking for a down the hill ride. These boards are made from fine material for which they can survive harsh terrains.
  • Drop Through Longboards: If you are looking for a longboard that will help you with relaxing longboarding, Deep through boards are perfect for you. Deep through longboard is one of the most stable one so that you can be relaxed about your safety. Do not forget to wear helmets and other safety accessories to avoid any kind of accidental injuries.
  • Carving Longboards: Carving is a technique that is not too difficult to learn. However, you need to practice carving regularly. The carving longboards help you to execute the technique properly.
  • Cruising Longboards: Cruising longboards are ideal for longboarding in a crowded place. This one provides excellent stability. One can use this as a basic longboard while learning. Here on this site, you can easily find the best cruising longboard for your kids.
  • Bamboo Longboards: Bamboo longboards are light and flexible. It also allows you to perform hard tricks. Apart from all these, bamboo longboards are totally organic, which makes it way cooler.
  • Atom Pintail Longboard:- This board is Perfect for beginners. The deck is sturdy and long-lasting. It is easy to carry and easy to use. Atom is known as the best cruising longboard.
  • Punked Stained Pintail Longboard:- Punked stained pintail longboard is sturdy. The shock absorption feature is good in it. If a beginner is looking for the best cruising longboard, then this one is good.

Longboard vs. Skateboard: What is The Difference?

There are several differences between a longboard and a skateboard. To differentiate these two, you need to know what is a longboard skateboard?. The longboard may seem similar to skateboards, but in reality, a longboard has some unique features.

A longboard is a sports equipment which mainly has two purposes- cruising and transporting. It is commonly used for cruising, traveling, and racing down the hill. Freestyle longboarding and longboard dancing are very popular styles. The popularity of the longboarding is increasing gradually day by day. Downhill, drop-through, cruising longboard, carving longboard are different types of longboards. 

There are several categories of boards based on their shape. Fishtail, Pintail, Blunt Longboards, Cut Out Longboards, Twin Longboards are different categories of longboards that have been created based on the design of the deck and the shape of the longboard. Preston Nichols built a longboard long ago, in the 40s. That is considered as the first longboard of the world. It had been created as an alternative to surfing as the waves were becoming too dull and monotonous. Since then, longboarding has become a unique sport throughout the world. Now we need to focus on the longboard vs. skateboard factors to understand the real difference between the two. These are the basic differences between a skateboard and a longboard. As we can see, the longboard and the skateboard may seem alike, but in reality, they have several differences.

  • As the names suggest, longboards are longer than the skateboard. Skateboards are usually 28-34 inches long and have a width of 7-10 inches, whereas longboards are 35-60 inches long and have a width of 9-10 inches.
  • The longboards are faster because of the size of the wheels and construction materials. Also, a longboard has a wider variety of shapes than a skateboard.

Confused about skateboard cost?

Skateboarding is one of the most popular recreational and sports activities in European and American countries.If you are planning to buy a new skateboard, then the first question that comes to your mind is how much does a skateboard cost.

Which Parts Of Longboards are Important?

We have come to know about the longboard, differences between a skateboard and a longboard, and types of the longboard. Now we need to know about the parts of a longboard. Here we are discussing the parts of longboards in detail so that you can understand it easily.


One of the most important longboard parts, the deck is the flat board where you stand on while longboarding. The deck is made of plywood. The deck consists of eleven or twelve layers; each of the layers has a thickness of 2 mm. The layers are made of birch, koa, bamboo, maple, or oak wood. The deck is usually 33-60 inches long. There are several shapes of the deck. Based on the shapes, there are categories of longboards, which are- fishtail, pintail, blunt, cut out longboards, etc.


The trucks are the things that stay under the deck and attach to the wheels. These metal things consist of four things which are- The Axle, The Kingpin, The Hanger, and Bushings. There are two trucks on a board. The largest part of the longboard hanger is triangular in shape. The long pin which runs through it and connects with the wheel is known as axles. The kingpin is the name of the big bolt, and the bushings are the ring which is located around the kingpin.


Most of the wheels are made of a polymer named Urethane. Usually, the wheels of an average board have 65-107 mm diameter. A taller wheel has slower acceleration, but it rolls faster. Wheels commonly have a width of 60-70mm. There are different types of wheels which are- Square lip longboard wheels, Round Lip Longboard wheels, Stone Ground Wheels, etc. Each type of wheel has different features and functions.

Large wheels are good for commuting. You need to use wheels that have a diameter of 75-76 mm for commuting. If you use specifically designed wheels for commuting, your experience will considerably get better. Here we are providing the names and details of the best longboard wheels for commuting. Good bearings allow you to go further on a single push.

Types Of Wheels :

  • Sector 9 Nine Ball: This model has a diameter of 70 mm, which is perfect for commuters. These wheels are easy to push and soft enough so that they can absorb vibration easily.
  • Orangatang In Heat: Orangatang In Heat wheels have a diameter of 75 mm and a softness rating of 80A. The size of the wheel allows them to go fast, and the hardness prevents the loss of traction. These wheels allow you to take sharp turns though they are not the best wheels for sliding.
  • Orangatang Stimulus: Orangatang Stimulus has a diameter of 70mm and a softness rating of 80A. The small diameter offers a combination of quick acceleration and overall speed. The wheels are known for their long-lasting quality even after extreme rides.

Protective gears :

Skateboard riding styles such as downhill, carving, free ride are thrilling but prone to accidents at the same time. Beginners, as well as experts, should use protective gear to prevent them from fatal injuries. You should always use good quality protective gear. Sliding gloves, helmets, and knee pads fall among the essentials.