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Indeed, Skating is all about choosing the best longboards.

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With the emergence of better and more explicit longboards from various longboard brands, many people are joining the movement. Sure, it is a really addictive sport, though being a beginner is tough and somewhat dreadful owing of the many tripping, stumbling and falling over. But once you get it right, the amount of fun and excitement that follows is simply out of this world!

After years of experimenting with many longboard brands, I have managed to gather  extensive knowledge and experience. Firstly, a chosen longboard must be great enough to reduce stress on your hips and the lower portion of the body. Again, a smooth cruise depends on the stability and maneuverability of the best longboards. That’s not all!

As long as you get the best longboards, sheer fun will come aplenty. It basically means that’s possible through careful selection, expressly laying emphasis on downhill riding, freeride and carving style. So, before you go through the buyer’s guide, it’s rational to understand the best lonboards that are currently taking over the mainstream.

The best longboards To Buy In 2017

Product NamePictureWeight 
1.Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout Drop Longboardbest longboards8lbs
2. Playshion Freeride Freestyle best lonboardbest longboard brands7.7lbs
3. Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer 7lbs
4.Atom Drop-Through Longboardbest lonboards7.9lbs
5.Atom Pin-Tail Longboardbest longboards7.3lbs
6. Atom Drop Deck Longboard - 41''best longboards10lbs
7.MBS All-Terrain Longboardbest longboards12.6lbs
8. Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookoutbest longboard brands7lbs
  9.Playshion Pintail Cruising Longboard Complete 42best longboards7.4lbs
10.Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinderbest longboards6.9lbs

(1).       Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout Drop Longboard – 9.62” by 41.”

  • Have you been looking for a longboard that guarantees safe and enjoyable cruises?
  • Perhaps the best or something known by seasoned and experienced longboard skaters?
  • The design alone makes it a 5-star item.

Without a doubt, my most preferred and arguably the best lonboard, Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout truly has everything suitable for the spot. It isn’t a small feat being one of the best longboards, but this model truly suits the position.

With classic surf-inspired carving, the deck is made of bamboo and thus stable, flexible, lightweight and durable. Secondly, its parts and the entire construction indeed places it at the top premium longboard brands. And, given that it is a speed monster with proven stability even during those high-octane stunt moments, everyone has a right to buy one of this 41” longboard.


A quality deck – forget about the unique design, this longboard model earns plaudits because of the bamboo-made deck that excellently absorbs shocks. With the drop through design, this item is an excellent cruising and freestyling skateboard much like it is extremely stable even at high speeds.

5-ply laminated bamboo construction – means it is flexible enough to allow safe and crack-free jumping onto it. Both the top surface and the underside has a grip tape too, for which the upper tape grip makes racing a breeze. Don’t forget that the same deck is extensive for comfortable rides and stability.

Ideal for downhill racing and freestyle tricks – it is easy to tell if it’s perfect for high-speed racing given the wide deck, but that it is a downhill racing machine, you just have to look at the wheelbase. The wide wheelbase makes it stable, and indeed it will always race down on a straight line. The wheels, 74mm 78a 2/3 Offset Nineball Wheels, can pick up speed and still offer secure rides.

features the ever-amazing ABEC 5 Bearings for safe, comfy cruising, wide Gullwing Charger Trucks, and its overall structure. It’s important to mention that, despite being with top-rated features and the guaranteed stability, Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout 41” can be used by anyone – the experienced and the experienced alike.

Specifications – 9.62” by 41” and 8lbs and comes fully assembled.


  • All the features make it one of the most durable longboard brands and thus a worthy investment.
  • Bamboo deck with excellent stability and flexibility.
  • Small wheels make it a speed machine.
  • Clear factory sector 9 Grip Tape and PDP Abec 5 bearings for excellent riding experience.
  • Perfect for all skaters, including those who prefer stunts and tricks.
  • Drop-through design equals amazing stability capabilities.
  • Eye-catching graphics.
  • Reasonably priced and comes fully assembled.


The clear grip coating gets dirty ease and can be a little hard to keep clean. Moreover, it isn’t the best for performing stunts.

Best longboard brands

(2).       Playshion Freeride Freestyle best lonboards Complete – 39”

  • Need a drop down longboard designed for those larger-than-life, sworn freestyling, freeriding and sliding longboard skaters?
  • A longboard that can be used by anyone – both starters and the experienced?

Well, you certainly need Playshion Freeride Freestyle 39” that boasts of incredible features and about the right amount of flex. As strong as it is, the longboard weighs just 10lbs, but can be correctly used by an individual weighing as much as 250lbs. Moreover, its features, number of users and reviews mean that it is just one of the best longboards of the recent era.


Quick turns and sudden carving – everything from the Wheelbase, duck material, truck, wheels, and grip perfectly makes it ideal for freestyle and sliding longboard skaters.  In fact, it is the 180mm, 7inch reverse kingpin truck that makes it one of the most stable and ideal maneuvering machines.

Smooth, high-speed rides – 39” long deck made of 8-ply birch maple, shallow and concave, 70mm diameter, 50mm wide 78A PU wheels that make the rides hitch-free, it isn’t a surprise why the longboard is loved by ardent skaters. There are spacers in the wheels that limit the amount of friction too. And finally, the smooth rides are possible because of the classy ABEC 9 wheels that make cleaning a breeze.

Durable – granted that all the features are trusted and proven to last, Playshion Freeride Freestyle 39” lasts longer. It is made with an aluminum truck reinforced with a powder-coated finish, premier precision bearings, durable maple and top-quality wheels. It also features a Nylon Ball Retainer with oil mix inside the bearings for smooth speed and durability.

Specifications – 39” long, 9.1” wide, a 28.15” Wheelbase and a Black OS780 Grip Tape. It measures 7.7 pounds and rises just 4-inches off the ground.


  • Lightweight, strong and stable owing to the excellent construction.
  • Long and wide enough to allow you to cruise and perform all stunts.
  • Premium bearings and spacers inside the wheels for exceptional maneuverability.
  • Ideal for all types of skaters.
  • Smooth and beautiful deck.
  • Comes fully assembled.


You must be good at performing tricks to achieve the best from the longboard.

best longboards 

(3).       Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete – 40”

  • You a Rastafarian and an ardent glider who loves to flaunt the colors of your movement for all to see?

Yet other highly rated and revered longboard brands that primarily appeal to Bob Marley fanatics, Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta 40” does an excellent job out there. A gem of a longboard that, alongside the Rastafarian-inspired colors, boasts of great features and performances, this masterpiece is attracting lots of compliments across the world. Considering the number of Rasta hopefuls, the sheer amount of love earned by such an incredible skateboard is truly befitting.

Consider the longboard’s most popular Specifications:

Design – it’s important to say that this longboard being among the best longboards isn’t a coincidence at all. It arrives fully equipped with state-of-the-art factory parts that enhance its stellar performance and durability. From the bold, Rastafarian prints, the menacing lion-face imprint, and the design that equals ultra-high-performance, the model amazes.

Made using robust and powerful equipment – Road Rider 180mm trucks, mega 75mm OJ Thunder Juice Wheels, designer parts and unmatched stability and maneuverability. It also has a Santa Cruz grip tape and Metallic Ink Drop Down deck. The design is all about comfort and control.

Materials – all of its parts; the deck layout, wheels, bearings, and trucks make use of the maker’s in-house hardware. Of particular is the deck that comprises a durable wooden laminate material for high-speed cruising, ABEC 9-Rated bearings for a friction-free cruise and the 45-degree baseplate angle of the trucks.

It isn’t the type of longboard to crack or buckle as a result of cruising and extreme pressure. And, because of the great reputation buoyed by the use of sturdy materials and the smooth ride of the longboard, the Rasta-inspired machine truly never disappoints.

Stability – it is among the best longboards and thus very stable. The deck isn’t like the standard ones and measures 40-inches by 10-inches wide, and that means you will be comfy performing those stunts or making sharp corners. The deck is made from a 9-ply Maple and is closer to the ground, and thus highly stable. For beginners, the amount of stability as well as the comfortable feel as you skate on it arguably has no rival.

Speed and control – it is possible to attain insane speeds and still feel no problems controlling it granted that it uses perhaps the best features. It ranks top whether you are looking for a giant maneuvering machine or something that eases around obstacles with ease. It features 75mm diameter wheels, a low-lying deck, 9-rated bearings, high-quality Road Rider trucks and above all, an incredible design. And all these makes it an excellent speed and control machine.

Durability – first, you are confident that this longboard will never let you down and will last longer than the conventional brands. The confidence emanates from the uber-strong laminate deck material, top quality Santa Cruz hardware and durable wheels. From the construction as well as the manufacturer’s warranty, durability is all, but expected.

Dimensions – 40” long, 10” wide, a puny 2” nose and tail, 31” wheelbase and weighs a paltry 7lbs.


  • Longevity because of the high-quality parts.
  • Strength and Flex – given the 9-ply maple deck, top-notch bearings, and the entire design, this option is indeed the best.
  • Flexibility – another reason you should buy it is the flexibility that allows replacing key parts like the bearings and wheels.
  • It is surprisingly affordable.
  • It performs well in maneuverability, grip, and cornering.
  • The impressive look and styling.
  • Stable and smooth riding experience.
  • Comes fully assembled and ready for the road.

Best longboard brands

(4).       Atom Drop-Through Longboard – 40”

  • Do you ever feel some nostalgia of a crazy ride downhill like a pro?

Well that’s what makes the Atom – 40” one of the best longboards primarily because it’s made for speed and control lovers. Firstly, the 40-inch long machine comes with a hybrid deck consisting of hardwood maple and bamboo. The two materials make it durable, robust and flexible for those mad rushes down the pavements and freestyle skaters.

Aside from that, the deck is extensive enough to rival other best longboards. It is often an ideal option for riders weighing 250lbs, although it features a lightweight aluminum truck and incredible maneuverability.


Maple and Bamboo Hybrid lamination – hybrid deck makes it an extraordinary longboard brand, albeit it is extremely durable, strong and flexible. The flexibility of bamboo coupled with the stability and tolerance of Hardwood Maple makes it an ideal choice as you go through the craggy roadways and uneven paths in top speeds.

High-Performance Trucks – a bonding between the deck and the wheels plays a superb role with regards to the high-performance of the trucks. First, there’s a navigator drone with a 40-degree reverse kingpin truck for smooth maneuverability. The firm and well-structured truck makes cruising and carving easy. Don’t forget that this longboard type can make sharp turns even at high speed.

Heavy-Duty Wheels – we all know that the best longboards are told by the type of wheels they have. So, with 78A rated square Polyurethane wheels measuring 71x51mm in diameter, Atom – 40” performs well on different surfaces making it one of the best longboards. Each of the soft Atom AREA wheels is designed to absorb the maximum shock as the item races fast.

ABEC-9 Rated Bearing – the popularly vigorous and durable bearings that are possibly the best in the market right how are basically responsible for its ultra-fast speed and the smooth turning of corners. The lubricant in the bearings also make racing downhill, and freestyle riding an enjoyable adventure.

High-quality Grip Tape – to keep the feet tightened to the surface of the deck, the longboard feature a coarse 46 grit grip tape. It is also the same tape that protects it from getting wet or from any scratches and markings.

Longevity – from the hybrid deck to the high-quality wheels, trusted bearing and the grip tape, Atom- 40” is one of the best longboards and lasts longer than most of the brands sold out there today. The long lasting deck is also waterproof and can accommodate anyone weighing 275lbs and more. It also features an aluminum made truck and thus a durable skateboard.

Strong, stable and flexible – bamboo is naturally flexible, while Canadian hardwood maple’s strength inherently creates a valuable longboard. Additionally, it is 40” long, 10” wide and 40-degree base truck for stability and cushioned carvings.

Specifications – 40-inch long, 10-inches wide and 4.5 inches high and weighs 7.9lbs.


  • Befits any weather and any surface.
  • Suitable for kinds of riders – starters and experts alike.
  • Lightweight and flexible, yet reliable stiff deck.
  • A medium size longboard for nearly all kinds of riding.
  • Durable, stable and easy to control and maneuver.
  • The 40-inch deck along with the kingpin provides better control and stability.
  • The grip tape makes it ever classy and beautiful.
  • Zero chance for wheel bite.
  • Ideal for freestyling, cruising, carving and downhill racing.


Because of the hybrid deck, this skateboard doesn’t offer the best form of flexibility. Additionally, the bashing might change in line with the weight of the rider.

best longboards

(5).       Atom Pin-Tail Longboard – 39-inch

  • Hate wheelbites?

Let’s face it; many accidents involving ardent and upcoming longboard skaters emanate from wheelbites, especially when making quick and high-speed turns. However, for a savvy skater, it invariably means that there must be a longboard that offers “Zero” wheelbite.

Over to Atom Pin-Tail Longboard – 39-inch now.

Beyond the colorfully attractive flower design of this 39” Atom Pin-Tail Longboard is one of the most amazing longboard brands. It is a perfect and perhaps the safest due to the “zero” wheel bite guarantee. I would say it is the best for beginners and intermediate skaters, but that’s until you go through each of its features and specifications below.


A laminate deck – for the skater’s feet to stay comfortable during a skating trip, the upper side feature a high quality 80 Aluminum Oxide Grip Tape. The underside feature colorful and elaborate designs, making the whole brand truly amazing. All these, along with the powerfully built deck, makes it an ideal option for all types of skaters.

Trucks and Wheels – if you like a longboard that offers stable cruises, don’t ignore this one. It comes with 65×35mm super high rebound urethane wheels for smooth, shock-free cruises. Moreover, the robust and lightweight, aluminum-made trucks make its stable enough to grant you endless exciting moments.

The Dimensions – 39-inches long, 9.6-inches wide and 6-inches high, three optimal dimensions of an award-winning longboard. All these specifications along with the net weight of weighs 7.3 pounds combine to guarantee a smooth and stable cruise no matter the speed or surface used.

Bearings – inside the Atom Pin-Tail Longboard – 39” are the ABEC-5 bearings that offer a traction and smooth gliding experience. Considering that these bearings are the best in the market, the entire longboard performs well too.

The Pin-Tail – although it features a classic pintail design that might appear a bit sophisticated, this longboard model is straightforward and versatile. The design (that is the concave cross section) alone guarantees a smooth carving experience.


  • Possibly the most inexpensive, perfect cruising longboard in the market today.
  • An optimum-sized longboard that makes skating a breeze.
  • Durable, lightweight, stable and reliable for all ages and riders.
  • With the 80 Aluminum Oxide Grip Tape, it is tough with a perfect traction so that the rider can get an ideal control and stability.
  • Smooth and non-wobbly cruising and the fastest speed irrespective of the surface.
  • All round, it is a great item with unlimited efficiency.


The longboard can easily snap. Moreover, some customers can’t shy away from the seemingly costly price of this item. Again, it comes with no warranty, which essentially means that it isn’t the best of the best.

best longboard brands

(6).       Atom Drop Deck Longboard – 41”

  • Picture this: a hardwood maple-made deck that is durable, comfortable and stable, 41” long and weighs about 10lbs and has been lauded as one of the best longboards.
  • That is just a snippet of what Atom Drop Deck Longboard – 41” is.

Downhill carving and freestyling are arguably the most beloved styles when choosing the best longboards and this this outstanding features form the major components of the  Atom’s 41-inch longboard. Its stability, level of comfort and maneuverability make your adventures out of this world. Trust me, you will find it hard to put it down, especially during your regular weekend escapades.

One of the best longboards that’s popular amongst novice and expert riders, Atom 41” is insanely easy to control and features high-quality parts.


 Durable 9-ply maple deck – being one of the most durable and reliable materials, hardwood maple deck that is used in this brand resists cracks and extreme weather conditions. 41 inches long and 9 inches wide, the deck’s concave and down-to-earth-drop shape, plus just the right amount of stiffness and flexibility absorbs all shock waves to create fantastic cruises.

Heavy duty truck – given that it is one of the most critical parts of a longboard, the truck of this brand is expertly made to allow smooth carving and sharp turns. It features an aluminum-made reverse kingpin that’s 4 inches high and 245mm wide.

Stainless steel bearing – the finest quality of bearings; the ABEC-9 lubricant bearings, in the market that do not heat up easily even after longboarding for hours. Moreover, the bearings make it accelerate faster than the other models, irrespective of if you are a professional rider, a freestyler or a speedboarder.

70x55mm Urethane wheels – powered by super high rebound wheels, this 41” masterpiece does impressively well on all types of surfaces. The 70×51 mm and 78A hardness, Urethane-made wheels also absorb the emanating shock as you ride through rough surfaces, making the experience incredible.

80S Grip Tape – with the finest quality grip tape, the deck will never wrap off in heavy usage. Moreover, the sticky mood will protect the feet from slipping off, and instead, makes sure that you maintain optimal balance as you speed off the road.

Flexibility, stability and maneuverability – with the exquisite carving, a subtly flexible deck and trucks that turn a bit easier, this brand indeed never disappoints. From the wheels that seem to suit all surfaces and the stability obtained through the lowered center of gravity and flexibility for high-speed riding, Atom 41” is all that you can ever need.

Pros :

  • An ideal mix of flexibility and stability.
  • Impressive leverage capabilities.
  • Excellent on the road or downhill.
  • Absolutely no wheel bite.
  • Perfect for all types of longboarders – beginners and experienced.
  • Strong and durable
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • A year warranty


Adjust the truck and bashing to suit your style or you will not like the experience. Additionally, it’s not among the best longboards for a beginner who has never used a drop through longboard before because it can accelerate and result in injuries.

best longboard brands

(7). MBS All-Terrain Longboard

Obviously, whenever you think of longboards, your mind is filled with flashes of the adrenaline rush as you cruise down neighborhood hills with stunts rivaling those on TV. Well, what if I could offer you possibly the best drop down longboard?

MBS is a renowned mountain board whose sleek-looking decks that are laminated to benefit the rider. From afar, you will think that it’s made of light carbon fiber. Moreover, the drop deck design increases the stability at high speeds while keeping wobbling at bay. Finally, the trucks are a bit curvy, but a turny truck and livelier. And that’s why MBS All-Terrain Longboard brands are informally known as smoothly and quickly cruising mountainboards.


Wheels – the 100mm x 65mm all-terrain longboard wheels are cast using a high-quality 78A super-high-rebound urethane for an ideal balance between traction and speed. The wheels are majorly responsible for the longboard’s unparalleled speed.

Trucks – the longboard’s precise turning abilities are mainly because of the 190mm Navigator Drones trucks. The Drone trucks are above average in height too, which basically means that you can use it on all types of surfaces.

Deck – unlike the popularly used longboard brands, this model’s layer is a sturdy, standard maple for stability during pushing, racing, and off-roading making it one of the best longboards.

Bearings – the rubber-made ABEC 9 bearings offer the tightest tolerance while allowing the wheel to spin faster and with little friction.

Finally, MBS All-Terrain Longboard comes fully assembled and ready for the road.


  • 42” by 9.5” thus perfect for all riders. The wheels can be changed without altering the stellar performance of the longboard.
  • Extremely comfortable to ride on besides working well on all kinds of surfaces.
  • The 100mm x 65mm all-terrain longboard wheels roll over everything, which is impressive to those who prefer riding in all kinds of surfaces.
  • The curvy truck deck and the low profile means that your riding travails are stable and non-wobbly.
  • A 78A super-high-rebound urethane-made wheel for unrivaled speed.
  • It is a slick looking longboard made of wooden laminated maple painted stained black.
  • The ABEC 9 bearings offer a tight tolerance and make the wheels spin faster.


The grip tape may start peeling off on the deck, which would require your attention. Remember, it comes with no warranty.

best longboard brands

(8).  Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard – 9.6” x 42.”

Finally, a premium quality and one of the best longboard brands to keep your cruises enjoyable. Enjoy the glitz and glamor of riding on perhaps the longest longboard that’s proving to be many people’s favorite. Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout 9.6” by 42” is a step ahead of the rest, whether it is its construction or how it is well suited to rider’s feet stable and comfortable.


Unique 5-ply and quality and laminated Bamboo – made a flexible deck that grants the rider a comfortable deck during cruising.

A spacious 42” length and 9.6” width, but with a clear grip on the top deck to keep the rider’s feet comfortable. It’s one of the best longboards earns lots of plaudits amongst professional riders mainly because it is long and thus stable and also because it is down to earth center.

A 10-inch reverse kingpin truck material – made of aluminum for guaranteed durability while keeping it lightweight and excellent for maneuverability.

Quality wheels – the longboard’s  78A durometer rating Polyurethane wheels also serve to offer safe, hitch-free and enjoyable rides no matter the surface. Moreover, the wheels are square for stable cruises.

Truck and bushing – with a seemingly soft and responsive bushing, all you could expect are some great carving and freeriding expeditions.

ABEC-5 rating stainless steel bearing – the medium quality bearings appeal to every rider – old and experienced and the young and budding alike.


  • A flexible and super-quality Bamboo-made deck that’s spacious.
  • The reverse kingpin truck also makes maneuverability a breeze.
  • The rebound polyurethane-made, square-shaped wheels are responsible for the 100% wobble free riding.
  • Long and stable with a lowered center of gravity.
  • Soft bushing and a responsive truck is every rider’s wish when buying the best longboards, and Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout is made with that.
  • The medium quality bearings for excellent and friction-free cruising.


The Bamboo made deck might crack if it is subjected to extreme weight, especially when the rider is a careless individual. Some riders have also reported not getting the desired speed or riding faster than they had initially expected.

best longboard brands

(9).       Playshion Pintail Cruising Longboard Complete 42”

We seem never to get enough of the conspicuously attractive Pintail shape that we all know and love. It’s because there’s yet another Cruising Pintail Longboard, 42” long and 9” wide, but perfect for any shoe size. It comes already-assembled and ready to rock, and that’s the grandeur of its color and construction, Playshion Pintail Cruising Longboard brands will surely wow you.

And, yes! It’s what you ultimately need for a beautiful spring out as you negotiate those corners down the hill, freestyle or just carve within the neighborhood. If you are a beginner, then don’t have to hold a second thought!


Ideal for beginners – it’s perfect for beginners majorly because it can handle up to 250lbs, a 7-inch reverse kingpin or 180mm truck with aluminum and powder-coated finish. Moreover, it is made to last and comes pre-assembled.

Fast, seamless rides – the blue-colored 70X50mm, 78A wheels guarantee a seamless and fast ride while the bearings are made of Premium Abec 9 stainless steel. The spacers inside the wheels also offer minimum friction as you pump around town and carve through pedestrians.

Tough and durable – granted that it is ideal for kids around nine years, the smooth truck and the beautiful aesthetic makes it appealing. The graphic beneath the longboard is stable and lacquered, and thus tough too.

An excellent longboard model – although it is often perfect for kids, it can still carry adults. It’s too excellent for its cost and has significantly larger wheels to balance the inconsistencies on the road, yet relatively stiff for super smooth bearings.

Safe – an awesome board for smooth rides. Sturdy construction with no accidentally snapping means that it is 100% safe to use and durable.


  • An 8-ply Hardrock maple construction, but with a Die-cut Grip Tape makes its robust and durable.
  • A mellow concave, Pintail shaped longboard deck that can carry up to 250lbs worth of weight.
  • It’s a product of amazing quality and just the correct amount of flex.
  • Comes fully assembled and ready for your longboarding escapades.
  • Just 10lbs and 42″ long by 9″ wide, yet absolutely safe as any longboarder’s favorite.
  • 7-inch Aluminum Trucks with 88A Bushings
  • Nine Bearings (Precision ABEC) and Rubber Risers.


As per its construction, this 42” Playshion Pintail Cruising Longboard is majorly meant for kids, which can be annoying at times. Moreover, any purchase never comes with a warranty.

best longboard brands

(10).     Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill-Cruiser Freeride Complete Longboard 36-Inch

Here’s a beautiful, high performance, and heavy-duty item that suitably offers more than that. It is lightweight, yet durable and stable enough to grant endless moments of thrill and adventure and smooth cruising. Steering it is a breeze and negotiates corners with ease. Moreover, all those downhill runs are both comfortable and stable, unlike using those ordinary and lackluster longboard brands.


Extreme construction – involves a Canadian Hardwood Maple deck, aluminum truck, polyurethane-made wheels and five stainless steel bearings. It is light enough to be carried, stable for glitch-free rides and 36” long for easy and absolute controlling.

Smooth Cruises – thanks to the proven 5-star wheels, the five durable bearings, the extended deck and the flexibility of the entire piece. All of these features combine to offer comfy rides and minimize tension on the rider’s joints and ankles. Granted the flexibility and the stability, the ultra-smooth cruises seem to have no match.

It’s a beginner to expert longboard – majorly because of the excellent maneuverability, the stellar features and the fact that it can last long enough to see a starter be a professional. Moreover, Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder 36” serve as freeriding as well as a cruising tool.

Comes with Sidewinder truck settings – that make it an ideal riding longboard. Since the settings are flexible, you can go as fast as you would love and still enjoy the glamor of a great longboard, or slow as you climb down.

Extra Accessories – comes with a Triple 8 Brainwaves Rubber Helmet as well as 8 Sliders Downhill Gloves. Furthermore, the camera-worthy turns and slides give it a significant competitive edge amongst its peers.


  • Designed from Canadian hardwood maple deck for guaranteed durability.
  • The dimensions – 36” by 9” by 26.375″ WB thus easy to steer and control.
  • Has five bearings and 8-ply cold pressed maple deck construction to prevent any obstacles on its way.
  • A lightweight aluminum truck that enhances its longevity and thus more returns for your bucks.
  • The truck also features a reverse kingpin and maximum maneuverability.
  • King of the wheel – polyurethane-made wheels with 80A durometer rating.
  • It has a minimum cut out for minimum friction on the wheels as you cruise.
  • A square-shaped wheel of 99mm in diameter.


ISome buyers have reported loose trucks and you should ensure that they are tightened enough before going out with it.

best longboards

Best Longboard Brands To Buy In 2017

A question that always arises among longboarding enthusiasts is which are the best longboard brands? This could be seen as a very subjective question given the fact that there are a couple of good longboard brands in the market right now. We have reviewed the brands with the best ratings and also based on user experience.

Brand Best Longboard 
Sector 9 longboardsSector 9 Bamboo Lookout Drop Longboard
Quest longboardsQuest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard
Atom longboardsAtom Drop-Through Longboard
Yocaher longboardsYocaher Professional Speed Drop Down
Rimable LongboardsRimable Drop-through Longboard

1.Sector 9 longboards

Sector 9 comes top on our list. They have the highest user ratings and have been known produce quality for the last 2 decades. There was a survey done in 2017 among skateboard hobbyists and Sector 9 emerged the best. They have stellar design and the parts are easily accessible. Sector 9 also does a good job when it comes to safety and doesn’t comprise on performance. Overall if you have the budget then this is the best longboard  brand you can get.

2.Quest longboards

Quest longboards rank 2nd on the same survey. The same survey ranked quest 4th in 2011 which just goes to show that the brand has been improving the years. Quest longboards come in a variety of sizes and colors and they are also last longer than regular longboards.

  1. Atom longboards

It has been over a decade since atom started manufacturing longboards. They have been consistent with the quality and that is why atom is one of the most loved brand among longboarding hobbyists. They are enjoyable, light and can easily be carried around. Their flexibility make them ideal for multi-purpose riding.

  1. Yocaher longboards

Yocaher has been around since the turn of the new millennium but their main focus was producing pro-model and entry-level skateboards. They recently started making longboards and the quality is nothing but exceptional. They have longboards in various shapes and sizes and the aesthetics that go into them is just mind blowing.

5.Rimable Longboards

Rimable longboards come from the parent company Yongkang Ydream Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd in China. They produce everything from scooters, skateboards, toys and fitness gears. They have a variety of quality longboards to chose from.

Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider when Buying the best longboards

Getting the best longboard brands in an era whereby almost every skateboard is praised as the finest is not easy. The hassle even gets a bit tougher granted that most of the current crop of freestyle longboarders is made up of young and inexperienced kids. Longboards come in almost all shapes and sizes, but longboard brands are the most revered ones.

So, if you are truly into buying one of the ten above or even outside this list, better have a perfect grasp of this guidelines beforehand.

Riding Styles

Yet longboarding is a modern-day way of commuting in schools and colleges, bombing slopes or touring areas with little traffic, it’s important to know each type according to how to ride it. Some common riding styles include freeride, freestyle, cruising, carving and downhill riding. Ask the seller if you aren’t sure about it.

Their shapes

You already know this, don’t you?

  1. Directional longboards only head to a single direction – like Pin-Tail.
  2. Symmetrical has no definite direction of movement.
  3. Deck styles for those who prefer to know the steadiness of the skateboard beforehand.
  4. Top mount is the most quintessential shape and equally the cheapest. Given that the deck is only installed on the tracks, top mount longboards can be perfect for all kinds of riding styles.
  5. Drop through means the decks are mounted “through the board” to make it more stable, secure and comfortable even in uneven surfaces.

Board Features

Besides having to ensure that the best longboards are made using durable and most trustworthy tools, some board features often make them powerful machines.

  • Kicktail so that you can lift one end of the tail for snappy turns and tricks.
  • Wheel cut-outs and wheel wells for safe cornering at high speeds.
  • The wheel types, sizes, and shapes

The best longboards often have small and square wheels. Basically, you must consider the wheel’s shape, thickness, and stature, durometer and center style to what you need the skating board for.

Level of Experience

Are you a beginner, an intermediate rider or just an expert looking for a longboard that suits your level of expertise?

You must choose the best longboards that align with your demands.

Your Height and Weight

Your size will undoubtedly affect your purchase decisions when looking for the best longboards, and that’s why you must be careful with what you buy. Check the width, length, and shape of the board and consider your weight.

Finally, what’s your budget?

Regardless of what you choose, always remember that expensive isn’t always a sight of best longboards.